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Controlling home appliances from the car

Tesla drivers worldwide can conveniently control their home appliances with Home Connect from the car monitor while on the go.

Take a shower, have breakfast, quickly dress the children, and finally you’re in the car on the way to work. But suddenly your mind wanders back to home: Did we really switch off the oven? Is the timer for the washing machine set properly? For Tesla drivers, a glance at the dashboard is all it takes to reassure them. That’s because they can control home appliances with Home Connect from the monitor built into the Tesla car. This is possible thanks to the new Home Connect partner EVEConnect, which developed the software solution “EVE for Tesla” specifically for Tesla. The clearly presented appliance information allows the driver to conveniently access all Home Connect functions from the driver’s seat and thus turn off all home appliances when leaving home.

Anyone who wants to regularly spare themselves stress and hectic when leaving home can also use the clever “Leaving Home” function. Thanks to so-called geofencing technology, EVEConnect recognizes when the driver leaves their driveway and automatically executes pre-defined actions via Home Connect. For example, users can specify that the coffee machine is switched off or switched to energy-saving mode – adapted to suit the individual needs or morning routines of the consumers. And the way to work is that bit more relaxed.

  • Chen Ming 01/29/2018

    Also we need to consider safety issue when we use this function. Another point, we can use GPS and speed of car to calculate the remaining time and do some pre-defined action, for instance, open air condition, make a cup of coffee. Anyway, make sure that it's safe when we use.

  • Duan Guangming 01/29/2018

    Nice try! Please bring it to more car os and make it available in China too!

  • Ye Qingyu 01/31/2018

    it's still a long way to realize, but we see the trend of future.

  • Marshall Smith 01/31/2018

    Hackers could have a field day with this. What level of security can be installed to prevent unauthorized access?

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