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Broaden Your Perspectives: Gain insights into the Corporate Strategy

Last year, BSH started an initiative to give interested employees from all over the world the chance to support the Corporate Strategy team for a short while and gather more insights into Corporate Strategy topics. Andy van Mieghem, working in Belgium, spent the last 3 months in Munich. Before he returned to Belgium, we conducted a short interview with him.

Andy, could you please tell us shortly who you are and where you are from?
My name is Andy van Mieghem, I’m 29 and living in Antwerp – Belgium. I’m an enthusiastic hockey player, traveler and I love cooking for friends and family.
After my university studies in Accounting and Taxation, I started working in sales. 2 years later, I got the opportunity to switch to BSH where I’m currently working in the Strategy and Business Development Department for about 3,5 years.

Why have you chosen to come to Munich?
Being a member of BSH’s Corporate Talent Program TALENTIFY we received word that the Corporate Strategy Department was looking for a temporary project support.
I immediately applied as I believed it would be extremely interesting to have some insights in our Corporate Strategy, how headquarters is working, which projects are in the pipeline and what our future will look like. On the other hand, Munich is a beautiful city which I was looking forward to discover all while practicing my German.

In Belgium, you also work for the Strategy Department. Do you think there is a difference between doing strategy in Belgium and here in Munich?
Absolutely! When you’re working in one particular country, you are much closer to the day to day business. Everything you do, every project, every decision has a direct impact on the organization or results. There is a lot of change management involved but you are always pretty limited to your own country. In headquarters the approach is much more holistic. Everything you do fits into the bigger picture and you try to set frameworks where countries can work in afterwards.

Did you like to support the Corporate Strategy team for a while and would you recommend it to other colleagues, too?
I absolutely recommend it to others! It’s very beneficial to understand what is going on and how you can be part of the bigger picture.
Otherwise, I truly believe that for both parties this exchange is interesting. On the one hand, I can take many ideas with me coming from Corporate Strategy. On the other hand, this department itself can check the country perspective on certain issues and whether they make sense to implement or what the exact impact will be on the organization.

What was your biggest challenge working in Munich?
The biggest challenge is the variety of topics. I’m more familiar with sales and marketing topics, so they are fairly quick to grasp also on a global level. However, there are also a lot of topics I wasn’t familiar with. Just think about the factory blueprint, innovations, product strategies, emerging markets and so on. And if you talk about Corporate Strategy, all these topics somehow have to fit together. But exactly this is also what makes it interesting and broadens your perspective.

Now, your 3 months at Corporate Strategy Department are over. What’s your conclusion?
If you have the opportunity: Just do it!
You will be able to learn so much and see so many different topics in a short time all while meeting new colleagues from all over the world. On a very personal note, I enjoyed working here and after some talks we decided that I will move to Munich and take on a permanent role in the department. Looking forward to this new challenge!

Dear Andy, thank you so much for this inspiring interview and your time! Good luck for your new challenges!

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