Posted on 08/31/2018 via BSH Home Appliances Group

MyMUM – as individual as personal taste

Whether it’s leather upholstery, the navigation system or heated seats – anyone buying a new car chooses the features individually to suit their needs. What has long since been taken for granted when buying a car is now, for the first time, also becoming reality for kitchen machines.

The times in which the kitchen was merely a place to cook are over. In the meantime, the design of the cooking area reflects personal style and taste. What is increasingly important for many consumers is that the kitchen machine should also match the interior. After all, it’s given pride of place on the work surface.

More than 300 different variations
How colorful may it be? In the first step, the colors can be selected for the outer and inner housing of the MyMUM. “Nine color options for the inner housing and nine more for the outer housing are available,” explains Thomas Eisen, Project Head for MyMUM. That makes 81 color combinations to ensure a distinctive look. In addition, different motor power ratings and attachments, as well as a wide range of accessories can be selected, from BakingSensation for the cookie season to VeggieLove to quickly shred, cut and grate vegetables.

Flexible production process
Individual configuration of the kitchen machine not only means consumers being spoiled for choice but also a major production challenge. “To produce the 324 product variations, we have created an extremely flexible production concept that can implement both the current series production and batch production, while maintaining the same level of efficiency and without increasing costs,” says Value Stream Director Thomas Zimmermann.

Focusing on the consumer
With the concept MyMUM, consumers can use an online configurator to put together the popular MUM 5 kitchen machine from Bosch themselves and buy it directly from the online shop. “Always with the user perspective in mind, we have created an attractive website that is easy to use on both mobile and stationary devices,” explains Dr. Thorsten Brockmeier, Digital Project Head for MyMUM. Special attention was paid to smooth integration into existing IT systems and sales processes in order to avoid manual effort.

“Our goal is to deliver the new MUM5 to the consumers’ home at the latest two weeks after the individual configuration and order. Since we produce in Europe, we have a great competitive advantage thanks to short delivery times and hence the best conditions for a successful future,” Eisen adds.