Posted on 11/26/2018 via BSH Home Appliances Group

“Diversity is also a mindset”

A cultural melting pot: Meet a BSH team in California that brings together different nationalities, backgrounds, skills and ideas.

BSH is a company open to everyone. A great example of this is the Consumer Experience team based in Irvine, California. Led by Namrata Sinha since 2016, she has been working hard to build up a strong team – with every member bringing something extra to the table. “I want the right people in the right place,” she explains.

Without compromising on quality, Namrata says her focus was to bring people onboard who would not only add value to the team but also provide a range of ideas. Her search for talent resulted in a team of people from all walks of life, representing a number of countries from around the world. “Our vision unites us,” she explains.

Namrata believes a diverse team offers many benefits to BSH. The mix of cultures, backgrounds, ages, skills and languages creates a good balance in the team, not to mention a great dynamic between employees. “There is proven research that diverse teams are better performers and more adaptable to changing conditions in the workplace,” she says. Namrata would also advise other team leads to break up homogeneity in their teams to foster more creativity and innovation – not just for their own departments but for BSH as a whole.

A diverse team is not without challenges, however. In Irvine this was particularly the case when it came to efficiency and motivation. “With everyone coming from different cultural backgrounds, the definition of efficiency varied greatly for my team members. It was quite an adjustment to find some middle ground and agree on a team pace that everyone could adhere to,” she explains. Namrata also had to identify different motivational triggers for each member of the team.

Despite these small hurdles, Namrata says she is proud of what they have been able to accomplish in such a short period. “They have created a niche for themselves and are valued by other departments for their expertise and collaboration.” After all: “Diversity is not just about race, gender and nationality… it’s also a mindset!” she says.