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An International Growth Path

An International Growth Path

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In the 11 years that Fang has worked at BSH, she has held a number of positions – in different departments and countries.

BSH has had a huge share in shaping my personality, professionally and otherwise.

Fang grew up in China and studied power electronics. Then the opportunity came up to go to Spain and become a development engineer. Fang took it, went to Europe, learned the language, experienced a new culture – and loved every minute of it.

A few years later, she went back to Nanjing, where she was born. There, she was responsible for cooktops development. After working with great passion in her home country for some years, another intercultural adventure was waiting for her. She came to Munich, learned yet another language, experienced a new culture – and loves every minute of it.

For Fang, BSH was the perfect space to grow. She feels that the company takes good care of its employees and offers them a wealth of opportunities to advance. “BSH has had a huge share in shaping my personality, professionally and otherwise,” she explains. “I grew up here, and much of what and who I am today I wouldn’t be if I had decided on another career path.” The path she chose led her to work on innovation management in the Cooking division. “We drive innovation and support our colleagues to bring their innovative ideas into our products.”


As she works on innovation management, Fang talks to and works with colleagues in many different functions and areas. “That allows me to get a broader picture of the company as a whole. I used to be part of a team that developed products. My previous experience helps me understand the needs and challenges on the operational level.”

In her spare time, Fang is an avid blogger. Unfortunately for everyone who doesn’t know how to read Mandarin, she writes in her native language. “I write about many different topics, but most of my articles focus on my intercultural experiences. My stories are about what I observe here in Germany, for example, different mind-sets, behaviors and perspectives. The idea is to share all the funny things – from a Chinese perspective – that happen to me in Europe.” Fang has more than 3,000 followers and frequently publishes her articles in Chinese magazines. Her colleagues in Munich and elsewhere are still hoping that tomorrow will bring a translated version.

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