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Fostering talent around the world

Fostering talent around the world

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Talentify is our Corporate Talent Program which aims to put motivated employees in the driver seat for their own personal and professional development. Meet two BSH colleagues involved in the program to learn more.

Having worked at BSH in Germany for 22 years, Ulrike Kümmerle certainly knows the ropes. In order to share her insights, experiences and knowledge with others, she recently became one of the company’s Talent Guides.

Talent Guides are an integral part of Talentify: the program that helps to shape the future of BSH by giving people with passion and potential the opportunity to steer their own personal development, connect with other talented employees and get closer to important strategic topics. As the name suggests, the role of a Talent Guide is to guide the members along this learning journey: whether it be helping them transfer their personal learnings into their work, providing guidance when needed or coaching and consulting in certain areas. The concept was designed in this way to encourage dialogue across the company – regardless of hierarchies or office location, to share experiences, learn from each other and offer new perspectives.

Communicating from different corners of the world

Each member selects his/her Talent Guide, with whom he/she regularly communicates and exchanges ideas. “First and foremost, my role requires me to listen, ask questions and initiate reflection – as well as share my experience where helpful,” explains Ulrike.

Ulrike is Himani Kamal‘s Talent Guide. Himani works at BSH India where she is responsible for processes, organization and excellence. “I wrote to Ulrike in March 2018 to ask if she would like to be my Talent Guide,” she explains. “This was followed up with a short call where Ulrike immediately made me feel at ease.”

Ulrike and Himani now talk regularly via Skype. Initially they challenged the development plan which Himani set up for herself after having attended the Talentify development center. They enriched it with more concrete ideas and next steps. But they also cover broader topics. “We talk about everything from my career plan and life goals, to the differences between the markets we operate in and the cultures of our countries,” says Himani.

Seeing BSH through someone else’s eyes

Both women have very positive things to say about the initiative. Himani says it has given her more faith in her actions: “I am more open to feedback now than before and have learned that there is a better way of expressing my ideas.”

For Ulrike, it’s an opportunity to see BSH from a different angle. “It gives me the chance to know more about the role of a female manager on the other side of the world,” she explains. “It is a real pleasure to learn from others.”


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