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From Global Graduate to Inspiring Leader – In Less Than Three Years

From Global Graduate to Inspiring Leader – In Less Than Three Years

Reading time: 4 minutes

Our Global Graduate Accelerator program looks for bright and ambitious graduates to mould into the next generation of BSH leadership. Julian Feyrer, now Head of Material Cluster Consulting & People Development, successfully completed the program a few years ago. He offers his advice for any young person looking for a fulfilling career at BSH – and explains how he became a leader in the business unit Global Purchasing.

1.     Can you please introduce yourself briefly and give us an overview of your time as a Global Graduate?

My name is Julian, I’m 30 years old and live in Munich. Before starting my working life, I completed my Master’s degree in International Business in Shanghai, China, for two years, and I did an internship at Bosch Power Tools in Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam. That’s when I heard for the first time about the Global Graduate Program at BSH, which instantly caught my attention due to the promising possibilities.

Back in 2018 when I started the program at BSH, I chose Global Supply Chain as my focus area. During this one-year program, I was able to work and support in different functional areas: 1. demand & supply planning for our brand Gaggenau, 2. quality management, 3. procurement for indirect categories, and 4. logistics at several BSH locations including Munich, Traunreut, Berlin, and Irvine, CA.


2.     What impact did the program have on you personally and professionally?

The trainee program allowed me to grow personally and professionally and I got many valuable insights into how such a big company like BSH works cross-departmentally. In particular the importance of building a strong network within the organization is a main takeaway that I experienced and still benefit from today. Personally, the program opened my eyes in terms of knowing which functional areas and tasks I’m passionate about and where my strengths are, but on the other hand also where I don’t see myself in the future. Getting the chance to explore my interests is a huge privilege and made me confident when deciding on my first permanent position.


 3.     You work in the business Global Purchasing Unit (GPU) now. Why did you choose to start your career there?

This unit is responsible for sourcing all goods and services for BSH. Therefore, GPU has a direct and measurable impact on the company’s success in terms of EBIT (Earnings Before Interests and Taxes). During the Global Graduate Accelerator program, I completed a great and very informative assignment in Berlin within indirect categories . Having gotten to know the importance of GPU, I instantly took the opportunity when I saw an open job position in this area after having completed the program. I started  as “Global Category Manager” for the categories “Management Consulting, Patents and Legal Services” and was responsible for conducting and negotiating tenders with a purchasing volume of several million euros, preparing contracts, managing strategic suppliers, analyzing extensive amounts of KPIs and other market data.   

Due to the global setup of GPU, there are various opportunities and career paths to choose from. I learned to think like an entrepreneur, work cross-functionally and in an intercultural environment. Moreover, I developed product-specific knowledge and have a high visibility within the company and top management.


4.     Does GPU also offer assignments for Global Graduates? If so, what kinds of opportunities await them?

We have already collected many interesting topics and projects within GPU for the new Global Graduates. We want to make sure that future GGs get a 360-degree insight which includes, amongst other things, supplier management, participation in negotiations, experiencing collaboration with internal stakeholders, strategic topics like the alignment of various purchasing categories and involvement in sustainable sourcing topics.  

GPU is represented in 36 BSH locations worldwide and we are working on offering assignments at different locations in Germany but also abroad. Additionally, we provide the GGs with a mentor who will support them during their assignment.


5.     Only one and a half years after finishing the Global Graduate Accelerator program, you attained a leadership position. What tips can you give other Global Graduates who have this ambition?

In 2021, I got promoted to Head of Material Cluster Consulting & People Development in Global Procurement. My team and I are responsible for an annual purchasing volume of about 60 - 70 Mio.€.

If young talents have the intention to take over leadership responsibility within BSH, I highly recommend showing passion for what you are doing, be constructive and solution oriented and always be open and curious to learn new things. Moreover, you should be willing to take over tasks outside of your area of responsibility (e.g. side projects) and be flexible in terms of work assignments and locations.


6.     Looking back, what are your top three takeaways from the program?

1.     Always be curious during your assignments – ask as many questions as possible and strive for active involvement. Stupid questions do not exist!

2.     Don’t be shy – arrange numerous expert talks with BSH colleagues across all hierarchies. A great network is worth a mint!

3.     Participate in the factory days and work for a few days in production – you will get valuable insights and a really good understanding of the products and the diversity of the great people working for BSH – one of my highlights!


7.     As a member of the selection committee for new Global Graduates, do you have any advice on how to convince the committee of the merits of your application?

BSH has a multi-step application process for the Global Graduate Accelerator program. Our aim is to get to know the personality and the behavior of the applicant in different situations. In order to be convincing during the Selection Days, I can recommend highlighting the competencies and skills you possess that are required for the program, such as team spirit, flexibility and willingness to learn. In addition, show us how you live them. Furthermore, it’s crucial to demonstrate your passion for innovation and state of the art working methods, and show an overall passion for BSH and its products. To sum it up, be yourself and be authentic.

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