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Get to know BSH’s employee network “WOMENforBSH”

Get to know BSH’s employee network “WOMENforBSH”

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BSH fosters employee networks to increase awareness of the most pressing social topics at the workplace. Women’s Equality Day is the perfect occasion to introduce the network “WOMENforBSH”. We asked its members about the importance of their engagement for diversity, equity and inclusion within the company, about the formation of the network and their goals for the upcoming years.

When was the network founded and how has it developed since then?

The first conversations about "Let's start a women's network!" took place in August 2020. WOMENforBSH is only one year old. It was set up entirely online, but that did not stop the enthusiastic members from building up a strong global network. Meanwhile it has grown into a worldwide connection with 500 members who are organizing events, motivational speeches (for example Brown Bag Sessions) and simply support each other for continuous personal growth at BSH.

How did you come up with the idea of founding the network?

There were already quite a few initiatives for more female empowerment and gender equality within BSH. Among them the “Digital Women Network”, which aimed to increase the visibility of digital competence of BSH women, the famous Brown Bag Sessions, the Working Out Loud circles, and the idea for a female mentoring platform.

The personal initiative of our associate Simone Eissmann has brought these initiatives together into a network that thrives for an inspiring, supportive, and motivating work environment with equal opportunities for women to evolve and develop their own individual career paths at BSH. With this shared mindset, the voluntary initiatives by employees from across BSH have joined “WOMENforBSH”.

How can we imagine your work in the network in concrete terms?

There is no unique definition of everyone´s contribution to the network. Commitment, energy, ideas, and willingness to realize them are probably the most valuable and required assets to offer support.

We strive to foster the dialogue and the sharing of experiences between different entities within BSH – across different hierarchy levels, different locations and cultures, different age-groups or working areas, and more.

We organize panel and group discussions to generate more transparency on BSH's strategic approach on diversity. We offer dedicated sessions to strengthen women consciousness regarding personal and professional development opportunities. And we act as mentors at times and ambassadors to achieve an inclusive and equal working environment.

How important are networks founded by employees in companies?

Very important! Grassroot initiatives and networks among associates are stable, authentic, and powerful and are accepted very quickly and grow fast. Employee networks at their best not only drive change but also speak truth to power. They engage and take a stand for issues that are important for them and their organization. There is no growth and therefore no success if the challenges we face within the organization and from outside are not addressed and discussed, issues like gender gap, equal pay, gender quote, Diversity, LGBTQ+ topics, and ageism. Thus, networks are an excellent way to overcome differences, exchange opinions across all hierarchies and drive change.

What projects will you be working on in the near future? What are you looking forward to?

After we saw how much support we receive from all over the world one of our focus projects in 2021 is "WOMENforBSH goes global". With this initiative we support local connectors who want to organize their own initiatives for their local subsidiary. We already have local connectors for all regions and introduced the network to a broad audience during the BSH Diversity Week 2021.

Furthermore, we are aiming to get more active support and engagement from our male colleagues, because we believe only together we can achieve diversity and equity. With dedicated events we want to get into a discussion about the shared tasks of fostering diversity and equity.

Did the Corona pandemic have an impact on the work of your network?

The “WOMENforBSH” network kicked off during the Corona pandemic and therefore has been designed to cope with this challenge from the very beginning.

What motivates you and gives you strength to fight for the important values of the network?

Through all activities, events, and coaching sessions “WOMENforBSH” is carrying out, we are trying to create an engaging and empowering work environment for women and men, with equal opportunities for career and self-development.

The statement “You can’t be what you can’t see” resonates with these initiatives. That is why we are enabling a space where we are discovering, accessing, and contacting role models. The network also gives the feeling that there is a path and that there is someone who can advise and guide.

We believe in the beauty and power of a strong network. With “WOMENforBSH” we offer an interactive community as well as a safe harbor for women in business and anyone who wants to join us in creating an equal and inclusive work environment. Doing so, we want to foster an open dialogue, a culture of support and an inspiring environment for individual and common growth.

Why should other employees join your network?

“WOMENforBSH” ultimately serves – like most internal networks – three purposes: firstly, they offer mutual support in a friendly, understanding environment. Secondly, the network is a central 'contact point' for the corporation whenever it is necessary to get the diversity perspective around female work topics and thirdly the network is sharing information and educates colleagues. Plus: it is fun!

Is there something else you want to shout out to your colleagues?

Fighting for change shows that you care and want to make BSH better every day. So get engaged, start discussing, get to action. Drive change together with us!

How can interested participants find out about your work and join the network?

There are many ways to get in touch with us. The easiest ways are the subscription to our mailing list via our Corporate Wiki and join our LinkedIn group ( If you are a BSH employee and you want to become more involved you can participate in discussions during our events, you can support the network by offering mentorship and you can act as a multiplier in your region or subsidiary.

Thank you for your insights! Let’s finish with today’s occasion: why is Women's Equality Day important?

The Women's Equality Day is a global reminder that women's rights have to be equal to the rest of society. It sounds logical to us, but it is an achievement of the recent decades that laws are not discriminating women in voting rights for instance. The next step for all of us must be to ensure that these written laws now lead to equal possibilities in practice – always and everywhere.


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