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Kids and AI: Idea Generators for Imaginary Home Appliances

Kids and AI: Idea Generators for Imaginary Home Appliances

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Where will the next breakthrough in home appliances come from? To explore this question, we gave our employees’ kids and generative AI exactly the same task: invent a fantastical appliance that takes away all those tedious chores at home. The outcome? Well, let’s just say the results are fun – and above all smart! And now that we’ve picked out some of the best creations, you can join in and vote for your favorite fantastical home appliance!

At BSH, we’re about more than just creating home appliances. Our mission is to build synergies between innovation, design and functionality – all with the needs of our consumers in mind and to improve the quality of life at home. To stay at the cutting edge of innovation, we normally put our new concepts through rigorous testing and detailed market research. But this time, we decided to try a different approach…
Crazy imaginary home appliance of the future
We posed the same question to generative artificial intelligence and to the kids of BSH employees: what would your ideal imaginary appliance look like? One that can handle all of those tedious household chores; a jack-of-all-trades of home appliances? Which appliance could fit seamlessly into people’s lives at home and make them easier and more efficient?
Text and image AI – from Hyperfolding Laundry Bot to Teleporter Fridge
Of course, we’ve caught AI fever too. So we wanted to know what ideas generative AI would come up with for the home appliance of the future – and how it would envision them.
Artificial intelligence (AI):
Since the beginning of this year, programs based on artificial intelligence have been available to basically anyone.
Text AI – generates texts in response to simple typed commands. 
Example: Generate the home appliance of the future.
Image AI – converts simple text commands into images. 
Example: Create a photo of a teleporter refrigerator.

AI-generated appliance ideas:

Hyper-Folding Laundry Bot. It washes, dries, irons and puts your laundry away in the wardrobe.
Teleporter Fridge. It beams missing groceries directly from the supermarket to the fridge – or sends lunch leftovers to a hungry family via voice command.
Robot Chef X10. It learns the taste of its owners, and suggests recipes based on the food available in the house – and also does the cooking of course.

Do these AI-generated ideas sound innovative? Just wait ‘til you see what the kids of our employees came up with! 
Kids’ creativity unleashed – and AI brings ideas to life
Tidying up, feeding the rabbits, loading the dishwasher: household chores just aren’t very high on kids’ priority lists. But kids are just bursting with irrepressible creativity. This internal call clearly showed how their innate ingenuity generates all kinds of extraordinary ideas. Our BSH kids came up with a whole range of fantastical home appliances that take care of tiresome household chores, completely automatically. 
The response to our call was heartwarmingly enthusiastic and wildly creative. Drawings from around the world reached our head office in Munich, and the entries astounded us with their immense creativity. We’re so grateful for all the effort that parents and kids put into this! Choosing ten finalists was no easy task. That’s why we decided to award every single entry with an inventor’s certificate and a small gift. And in addition, we asked image AI to envision the actual designs of the top ten imaginary home appliances. 
Curious to see the final results? Then watch our short video here.


Pick your favorite from the top ten kids’ entries

Creative BSH kids: Some even drew little comics.
We’re also interested in what you think. What’s your favorite entry? Which of these imaginary home appliances is the most appealing, feels the most creative – or which one can you imagine having yourself?
In September, we asked our followers to vote for their favorite out of the top ten kid’s ideas on our BSH Facebook and LinkedIn channels. The top entrant, Maya from the UK, won a special prize – a 3D print of her imaginary home appliance. 


Maya with her Baking Robot
About the project
At BSH, our work revolves around the needs of our consumers. With our imaginary home appliance project, we aim to show that we’re always on the lookout for new technologies and always have our finger on the pulse. Even though this project is lighthearted, it underlines our commitment to keeping the needs of our customers in mind – and helps pave the way for the next generation of home appliances. 
However, it’s important to underline that these fantastical home appliances are quite literally too good to be true. So unfortunately, we probably won’t actually be producing any of them.... Sorry! 😉

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