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Portraits from China: Ning Wang

Portraits from China: Ning Wang

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In our sixth interview from China Wang Ning (汪宁) told us why he chose BSH, what his hobbies are and what his name actually means. Find out here.

What’s your name?

My name is Wang Ning (汪宁).
Wang is the family name and it indicates vast water; Ning, my given name, means “peaceful.”

What’s your background?
I was born in Quzhou, a small town surrounded by mountains and rivers. After I graduated from university in Nanjing, I chose to stay in this enchanting city. I worked in an American joint venture before I joined BSH in 2008. From welding engineer to the first Lean Production Junior Expert in RGC and now to the Value Stream Manager of TASSIMO, I pursued my career growth at BSH step by step over the last 11 years. During my time at BSH, I also built up my family and have a lovely daughter.

What made you choose BSH?
The culture of the company impressed me the most, and it can be summarized as “respect and inspire”. BSH provides a broad platform where everyone can contribute their innovative ideas and expertise. Looking back at my years at BSH, it’s really been a learning journey where you can find whatever you’re interested in and have your talents promoted. The most important part is that I can work with inspiring people from all over the world. I’m more convinced of that than ever after entering the community TALENTIFY, the talent management of BSH.

Please describe your role and responsibilities at BSH.
I’m now the Value Stream Leader of TASSIMO, which is the person responsible for the performance of the value stream from end to end. I also serve as a coach for employees and support them in taking personal responsibility for improving the value stream in a holistic manner.

What’s so special about working at BSH China?
We’re living in a VUCA* world, and China is one of the countries changing the most and the fastest. We have very strong traditional competitors here in China, as well as new challengers from Internet companies. Advanced E-commercial channels, complete logistics systems, and a rapid adaption to new lifestyles – these are all making the market very unique here, and we have no experience to fall back on, especially in the home appliance area. We’re definitely facing huge challenges here in China, but there are also big opportunities!

Do you have a hobby – and if so, why are you passionate about it?
I like tea very much! It’s not just a habit, or a way to consume tea polyphenols to keep my mind clear: There’s also a deep cultural heritage behind it. When I’m making the tea with pot and cups, I feel the warmth of the water, which brings me a feeling of peace. The world seems to slow down a bit. I hope someday that we can also have products for tea like TASSIMO for coffee.

What’s your favorite BSH product or your favorite BSH innovation?
I would say the vacuum cleaner Bosch Unlimited Serie | 8, our product of the year. In addition to its outstanding cleaning performance, the cordless vacuum has an exchangeable battery pack, which means that its runtime is easily extendable. Even better, the Unlimited’s batteries are compatible with all 18-V power supplies on ALL devices from Bosch Home & Garden. That’s really amazing!

*VUCA is an acronym that stands for Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous and describes, among other things, today’s difficult conditions of managing a company.


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