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The power of Train-the-Trainer

The power of Train-the-Trainer

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At BSH we are always trying to foster cultural growth and change for a better work environment. One program that helps to do exactly that, is called MOVE. Launched in April 2017, MOVE was designed to spread knowledge, ideas and set the ground for cultural change all across BSH. Violeta Kameri is a member of our transformation team and a so called "culture change enabler" within the MOVEment. We spoke to her about her job, MOVE and its exciting "Train-The-Trainer" approach.

Hi Violeta, how do you share your knowledge, new initiatives and innovations with the rest of the company?

Our most important strength in MOVE is our community of MOVE Connectors – a global network of culture enthusiasts who infuse the organization with ideas and energy. A basic principle we believe in, is the power of many and that we co-create culture development together organically. That means initiatives, ideas and knowledge can come from everywhere in the company. Additionally, to that bottom-up and cross-functional approach, from the central side we develop and provide workshops, trainings and initiatives to the MOVE Connectors who multiply these into the organization. Furthermore, we provide global sharing platforms like the MOVE intranet channel and network events where we connect people and content and where we inspire each other.

What does Train-the-Trainer mean?
Our Train-the-Trainer approach is driven by volunteers of the MOVE Community who want to facilitate the workshops and trainings. The approach is built on three pillars: “Enable”, “Activate & Connect” and “Use Tools”. This means that the colleagues start a trainer track where they first participate at a Train-the-Trainer session to experience the workshop themselves. Further, they take on a Co-Facilitator role and later become an experienced culture workshop facilitator. The trainers in the network support each other, which means they not only provide the workshops in their own area but facilitate them cross-functionally. We thereby offer the standard tools for it and we provide trainer network events for learning and experience exchange.

What are the main benefits behind the approach?
With this approach we are able to spread the knowledge, ideas and mindset for culture change all across BSH and infuse the company almost at the same time. This would not be possible with only a central team with a handful of dedicated people. Instead of relying on few individuals, we build a network of multipliers and enablers so our tools, trainings and workshops can be provided in a wider range and touch more people. Furthermore, we don’t only learn what to teach, but how to teach. MOVErs learn to lead discussions, listen effectively, mirror observations and help participants to link trainings and the workshop content to their jobs. They strengthen their presentation and moderations skills and enhance their personal skills at the same time. Thus, the main benefits behind the Train-the-Trainer approach are multifaceted: We join forces and spread our MOVE initiatives more efficiently and effectively among our staff. We build up competences and empowerment while enabling our MOVE community. And the benefit which is personally for me the most impressive effect is the rising motivation you see in the people who are passionate to be a MOVE trainer and who love to spread the MOVE spirit.

How does it help to improve BSH’s culture?
One important effect is that we live and role-model our principles of empowerment, self-organization and co-creation within the trainer network which leads to strengthening of these principles overall. Further, our workshops and trainings are the enablers for culture development by raising awareness, questioning existing beliefs, enabling new methods and tools as well as transfer of the learnings into new behaviors in the daily business. Thus, we bring our BSH values alive instead of putting them just on posters. Take e.g. our value of “Future and Result Focus”. With our workshop “Empowerment in Practice” we focus on this value while collaborating with leaders and employees on how to live empowerment in their teams. One culture improvement would be to achieve faster and more effective decision-making as well as higher engagement in the team. At this point, I would like to say BIG THANK YOU to all MOVE trainers who put their heart and energy into BSH. You are true energizers for our company!


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