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Triggering Agility

Triggering Agility

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“I create training for people who teach others how to use certain tools or methods. I am not the trainer, but I create everything trainers need to get their message across.” That’s the answer you’ll hear when you ask Christina about her job. Or, if she were to explain to her little nephew what she does for a living: “I get paid for painting all day long.”

Agility is not a matter of being on or off; it is an evolutionary process.

All of the training courses she works on are about the supply chain. Christina prepares them for a broad range of employees at BSH. “I will find out the needs of the people who require my services. Then I try to make their ideas my own and create training they are comfortable with.” She speaks to many different people and acquires a lot of knowledge about the global supply chain and how it is connected. “The great thing about my job is the creative scope. I translate my colleagues’ requirements into new ideas.”

Christina had been with BSH for many years as an intern and a working student before landing her first “real” job. “Over the years, I had noticed a shift in the organization toward being younger, more agile and less hierarchical. Of course, I was keen on contributing to these new ways of working.” What also appealed to her was how international her work is. “I speak English a lot and meet men and women from various cultural backgrounds. It is interesting to see how people from different countries can be so similar on the one hand and so very different on the other.”


Not least it is Christina’s master’s degree in systems engineering that fits like a hand in a glove for the job she does. “Agility is not a matter of being on or off; it is an evolutionary process. You don’t have to revolutionize everything at once. Instead, you can start with a little agility here and there.”

Through her work, Christina makes sure this will happen. “The training courses I prepare teach people how to work in the future. We want to inspire them to go new ways. And it is really obvious that they do. It helps that a lot of young, open-minded people are joining BSH who are determined to question the status quo. I am sure the changes in our corporate culture have only just started.”

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