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Working Where Every Voice Is Heard

Working Where Every Voice Is Heard

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Min has been living in Munich for two years now. But he has been with BSH a lot longer. Straight after graduation from Hefei University of Technology in his native country China, he joined the company there. Min had been in his job for four years when the opportunity came up to relocate to the BSH home base in Europe.

“When you have an idea, it is always met with enthusiasm.”

At headquarters, he is responsible for a project devoted to 3D visualization to improve the documentation in customer service. “Our aim is to provide information on products and materials by means of highly interactive, top-quality digital assets to support our customer service,” Min explains. “A 3D exploded view, for example, can be completely rotated. You can zoom into the inside of the appliance and see even the smallest detail. Moreover, you will be able to see the information and service documentation of every single spare part as well as the whole appliance.” 3D visualization in customer service is supposed to help both internal users like technicians, trainers and call-center agents as well as external users like dealers and customers as it provides them with a better user experience and easy access to product and material information.

Min is enjoying life and work in Munich to the full. It is the openness at BSH that he very much appreciates. “Everybody can voice their ideas and opinions, and they will actually be heard,” he says. “That evokes much more passion and commitment in people.” He also likes the hands-on approach which he finds more pronounced now than in the past. “When you have an idea, it is always met with enthusiasm. People will say: “Great. Let us try it to see whether it works.” That is a great attitude. The world is changing fast, particularly when it comes to digitalization. We cannot afford to wait until everything is neatly planned and perfectly organized. That is why we just do it, understanding that we benefit from lapses as much as from success.”


In Customer Service Technology, Min is covering a variety of topics at BSH. That is another aspect of his job which he thinks is great. “I am not only focusing on just one product or one area of business. Instead, I get to work on a range of topics with different people from various departments in a number of countries. BSH is very international, that is what I like most about this company. I love to team up with people from different cultures to explore how we can make life easier for everyone.”

Living in a culture very different to the one he was born into, he has adapted very well to his new home. Min loves the great outdoors and makes the most of the beautiful Bavarian countryside with its lakes and mountains. He enjoys hiking and cycling as well as skiing. And when he is out savoring a beer in one of Munich’s famous Bierkeller, he sometimes helps his fellow countrymen with picking authentic Bavarian cuisine from the menu.


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