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Convenience meets economy: i-DOS and the washer dryer

Convenience meets economy: i-DOS and the washer dryer

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Add the right amount of detergent, then wash and dry your laundry – all in one single cycle. The new washer dryer with i-DOS function, presented at IFA 2018 in Berlin, does it all. This is the first time these functions have been combined in one appliance.

Washer dryers for convenience
Washer dryers combine washing and drying in one appliance and one cycle, making them ideal for homes with limited space. But just how much detergent do you need for a load? This is a question that many consumers have a hard time answering. The i-DOS automatic dispensing system for detergent and fabric softener in the washer dryer solves this problem. Now, for the first time, both functions – the washer dryer and i-DOS – have been combined in one appliance.

How does i-DOS work?
The dispensing chambers are filled with liquid detergent and fabric softener. This supply lasts for an average of 20 washes. Once the laundry has been placed in the machine, sensors can read all the relevant information, such as how much laundry is in the washing machine and how soiled it is. Importantly, the sensors can also identify the type of fabric in the machine, as well as take the hardness of the water into account.
i-DOS uses this information to automatically determine how much detergent is needed and forwards the result to the precision dosing pumps. The pumps then add the right amount of detergent, down to the exact milliliter.

i-DOS is kind to the environment and the wallet
This kind of precision dosing cuts out any extra cycles that are needed to rinse out excess detergent. And that saves water: several thousand liters a year. In addition, a turbidity sensor detects any residual soiling in the clothing during the wash cycle and adds more detergent if needed. If the laundry is clean, the drying cycle starts automatically. Up to 30 percent of detergent per cycle can thus be saved. Washing, drying and dosing in one and fully automatic.

What else can the new washer dryer do?
The washer dryer’s new automatic cycle for normal hard-wearing or delicate laundry detects the level of soiling, the textile type and the size of the load before selecting the right wash program automatically. Thanks to Home Connect, the washer dryer can also be connected to and operated by a smartphone or tablet. Push notifications optionally provide information about the status of the program. Users who are out and about can check the status of the appliance at any time. The days of running down to the basement in vain to check if the laundry is done are over.


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