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Flexible working and new working places

Flexible working and new working places

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Digitalization and internationalization are changing our way of working. Agile working methods replace established concepts, which were characterized by rigid working hours and room solutions.

Today colleagues often work on projects for a limited time and in close cooperation with an international team. This flexibility places entirely new demands on our working environments. Stefan Selz, Site Manager of BSH in Munich, explains which solutions BSH is facing with this change.


Mr. Selz, our world of work is changing rapidly. What is BSH doing to adapt its workplaces to these new conditions?

We at BSH have also resolved to change towards modern office concepts and we are gradually implementing these – including here at the Munich headquarters. Instead of working from individual offices, all our employees – from executives to consultants – work in the same environment. We have a suitable space for every work situation, such as couch corners, rest areas and sound-proof rooms that are used for purposes such as Skype meetings or telephone cubicles.


What do the employees think of this?
It is well received, even if it has taken a little time for some people to get used to it. In any event, it is very good for fostering communication. For example, we have built a new canteen that is open all day. In addition, we have a new conference zone that can be used in various ways.

Does management also work from the new workstations?
Of course. We have combined the four individual offices and the foyers to create a veritable living environment in which there are several glass elements and a large wooden table in the middle, where the executives work together. There are only a few very small private rooms for those times when someone needs to have a confidential personal conversation or the like. The big advantage is that we are now much more likely to have spontaneous responses among ourselves.


What are the fundamental considerations behind the new workstations?
We simply have to network more. That is hard to do from your conventional desk workstation, and we need to force this using mobile work environments. The world is changing, and our office environment needs to get faster and more agile. I think we are well on our way towards achieving this.

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