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Talentify: Be in the driver seat for your development!

Talentify: Be in the driver seat for your development!

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Your job, your talent, your opportunity! Find out why the BSH talent program Talentify is taking a new approach to talent development.


Talentify is different to other talent programs.

Why? Because BSH puts self-responsible talent with passion and potential in the driver seat of their own development. In fact, it is even their choice to apply to be part of the program in the first place.

Talentify emphasizes self-reflection and learning based on experiences. We want our employees to recognize, develop and demonstrate their own potential – and proactively shape changes in their own work environment.



In the recent application process over 500 colleagues from all over the world applied to become part of the Talentify Community. After interviews and evaluations, 148 candidates – from a variety of functions and countries – were chosen to start their two-year program in January 2019.

The program connects BSH talent from across the globe, strengthening the exchange of knowledge and experiences, and supporting intercultural exchange. With 45% female and 55% male members, the latest participants to join the program represent a total of 29 countries.


The program itself is made up of several different elements, all designed to provide measures for the participants according to their needs. Members can look forward to highlights such as the Talentify Lab, the Talentify Store, the Talentify Campus and the Talent Guides.
The Talentify Lab is the new design of our development center, which focuses on self-reflection, feedback and the design of a personalized learning journey through the program.


The Talentify Store provides an opportunity for members to find and choose the appropriate “Experiences” for their professional and personal development. They can also choose any other measure, which could help them in their development (e.g. literature, TED Talks, conferences, etc.).


And finally, Talent Guides are sparring partners for the Talentify members. They support participants in their development, in a non-hierarchical context. Guides can work in different departments and even different countries – the key to success is regular and open communication.


BSH all over the world.

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