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Sharing appliances just got much easier thanks to BSH start-up – WeWash

Gone are the days of collecting all your loose change and waiting hours for your building’s shared washing or drying machine to be free – all thanks to BSH’s start-up – WeWash!

Picture this – you live in an apartment block with shared washing machines and dryers in the basement, but, instead of having to make multiple trips downstairs to check if the appliances are free, you can check in real-time, from the comfort of your own apartment, using an app or telephone! Not only that, you can book the appliance/s you need and pay for your washing and drying digitally. Yes, all of this has been made possible by BSH start-up – WeWash.

What is WeWash?

WeWash is the smart solution for those who do not own their own washing and drying appliances. WeWash simplifies the entire process of doing the laundry by digitizing every single step, including the booking and tracking of the machines’ cycles and the payment. Thus, making “the use of communal washing and drying machines more attractive,” says Philip Laukart, Founder and CEO of WeWash.

So, how does it work? “WeWash allows users to check whether a machine is free, queue virtually, or reserve the appliances via the WeWash app, website, or landline phone, and notifies them as soon as their laundry is ready. This saves them multiple unnecessary trips to the cellar or launderette, saving precious time and energy,” Laukart continues.

WeWash and BSH

The management team, Philip Laukart (CEO), Dr. Rafael Kirschner (COO) and Kay-Uwe Clemens (CTO) are former employees of BSH. “WeWash and our entire business model could not have come about without the support of BSH, who believed in our idea from the outset and trusted us as a team” says Philip Laukart.

  • Gründerteam WeWash Philip Laukart Rafael Kirschner Kay-Uwe Clemens

From left to right: Kay-Uwe Clemens (CTO), Philip Laukart (CEO), Dr. Rafael Kirschner (COO).

Advantages for providers

For apartment block and launderette owners, who provide shared appliances, WeWash makes the overall maintenance of the machines easier and increases the value of the laundry room. Tasks such as emptying the coin machines, documenting cash deposits and making regular bank visits are now a thing of the past. What’s more, WeWash is really easy to install. Any washing or drying machine can be fitted with WeWash technology. WeWash delivers anything, which is needed to retrofit the machines easily and conventiently.

WeWash in action

Since mid-April, guests at the Citadines Arnulfpark Munich (part of the Ascott hotel group) have been able to book and pay for the in-house washing machines and dryers with WeWash. For Residence Manager, Christian Wiedemann, this represents a substantial investment in the future. “With the sheer number and variety amongst our guests, our washing machines and dryers are very often in high demand. This means that our reception staff has to work hard to manage the laundry processes – billing each guest manually, taking care of the brands, emptying the coin machines. When we heard about WeWash last summer we were eager to take what now seems like a very logical step into the future,” says Wiedemann.

WeWash is available now to download from the app stores (iOS, Android). The service can also be used on the website or landline phone. Find out more, here:

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