Posted on 10/18/2018 via BSH Home Appliances Group

My digital Day

Johannes Gaugler’s home appliances are connected — ranging from his refrigerator to his fully automatic coffeemaker, dishwasher, washing machine, and dryer.

It’s 6 a.m. in Neutraubling, Germany. Before I get out of bed and start my working day, I activate my fully automatic coffeemaker via the Home Connect App. It briefly rinses itself and heats itself up. As a result, I can make myself a big café crème as soon as I enter the kitchen, without having to wait. Normally my wife and I like our coffee strong and hot. We’ve saved these settings in our Favorites list. Now I only have to push the start button on the coffeemaker. After I’ve drunk my coffee, I take a look at my cell phone and check to see what’s inside my office refrigerator — a can of corn, some fish, cucumbers, peas, an apple, and a big jar of mustard. I simply take along some bread from home, and that takes care of my lunch.

Just before I leave the office at 5 p.m., I take a look at my refrigerator at home and check to see whether I’ve got all the ingredients I need for my favorite pizza. That’s because tomorrow is Saturday, and when I watch the evening sports show with my son I always have a pizza with olives, spicy salami, and jalapeño peppers. Of course I could also simply order these ingredients via my app, but I really enjoy doing the shopping myself. I always meet some nice people to chat with at the supermarket. Naturally, that takes a bit more time. That’s why my wife would probably be happy if we had everything delivered.

On Saturday evening I switch on the oven with my app, because there I receive additional information about the individual programs and I can comfortably choose the best option. Of course I don’t need a recipe from my app for my embellished frozen pizza. I only use the recipe app when I really have the time for cooking. Unfortunately, that seldom happens. Nonetheless, I appreciate the advantages offered by the app, and I love hearing the “Push” message when the preheating is over. That way I can put the pizza in the oven at the right time and also know when it’s done. If it’s still not time for the commercial break, I simply activate the warm-keeping function.

»I use the digital services much more often than I expected to. All together, the many small helpers add up to something really useful.«

Johannes Gaugler, Project Manager

This is extremely practical, and it’s almost as great as my energy manager from SMA, which is also connected to the Home Connect appliances. Thanks to the energy manager, I can use an optimal amount of solar energy from my photovoltaic system to power my washing machine, dryer, and dishwasher. With the Home Connect App I set the programs and indicate the latest point in time when the appliances should be finished with their tasks. The energy manager knows what the weather will be like and when the biggest energy yields can be expected. As a result, the appliances can start at the best point in time, and I can empty them after the sports show is over.