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Cooking without limits thanks to freeInduction

Cooking without limits thanks to freeInduction

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BSH has been engaged in research and development related to induction for more than 25 years. The new connected freeInduction Plus cooktop that Siemens presented at IFA works with exceptional induction technology to deliver maximum flexibility. Up to six pots and pans of every shape and size can be heated up simultaneously on the 90-cm-wide surface – without limits anywhere and everywhere on the cooktop.

How does induction work?

The technological key lies underneath a surface of ceramic glass: This is where 56 powerful micro inductors automatically detect the position and shape of the cookware, evenly and precisely heating even the largest roasting pan. The induction coils generate an alternating electromagnetic field, where it is needed, as soon as the cooking zone is supplied with electricity. If you place a pot with a ferromagnetic base on the cooking zone, an eddy current is generated in the base, heating up the bottom of the pot. The ceramic-glass surface only heats up through the heat that is transmitted by the cookware, and only at the place where the pot or the pan is touching the cooking zone. If no cookware is standing on the induction cooktop, the cooking zone stays cold. This not only minimizes the risk of food burning and sticking if it boils over, but also reduces the risk of burned fingers.

What is special about freeInduction Plus

The new induction technology is smart thanks to its user interface: The four-color, full-touch TFT display automatically follows every movement and adapts dynamically. It immediately registers when a pot is moved to a different position and adjusts all settings. The display is supported by the world first activeLight. Two LED sleek blue light bars on both sides of the ceramic surface add a special highlight to the cooking process, underscoring the Siemens brand’s high design standard. At the same time, they give visual feedback during cooking and provide orientation by informing the user of required actions and current activities. This makes freeInduction Plus the most adaptable and intuitive cooktop ever.

Patented technology

Overall, BSH was able to secure more than 400 patents in the area of inductive cooking. Thus, the algorithm for recognizing the shape and size of cookware, as well as the technological basis for keeping the settings constant when the cookware is moved, have been patented for instance. The small inductors transform the whole cooktop into a single big cooking zone. The number, size, and shape of pots and pans are automatically recognized and the cooking zone is adjusted accordingly. No matter whether a pot is pushed to the right, left, front or rear, the cooking zone will follow it. This flexibility is a result of the honeycomb arrangement of the induction coils. An electronic control unit ensures that the cookware is “handed over” from one coil to the next when its position changes. An intelligent algorithm detects position, size and shape of the cookware, showing it precisely at the TFT display.

Following the pot at every turn

Like in a professional kitchen, the cooktop can be operated solely by moving the cookware – frying in the front and warm keeping in the back – the new intuitive powerMove Pro function makes operation easier than ever. The function divides the entire surface into up to five heating levels. By moving the cookware forward or backward, the power level adjusts automatically. That’s ideal when seconds make the difference with regard to taste and success, for example, when searing or caramelizing, the cooktop will react immediately and applies the right power level for cooking.

Roland Hagenbucher, CEO at Siemens Home Appliances Germany: “With freeInduction Plus we are making way for a whole new kind of ease in the kitchen. We are helping people to get the most out of quality cooking time – in line with our vision of a seamless life: a life that offers greater freedom and possibilities for all, thanks to a combination of connectivity, smart technology and design. In the spirit of: No stress, just fun – always with a view to getting the most excellent results.”


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