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IFA 2023: Siemens brings even more space for food into the kitchen - with the XXL built in fridge

IFA 2023: Siemens brings even more space for food into the kitchen - with the XXL built in fridge

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Stock up, have more fresh fruits and vegetables at home, shop only once a week. Siemens is teaming up with kitchen furniture manufacturers to help create space in built-in kitchens. This fall, Siemens launches a fully integrable fridge freezer combination for an almost 2-meter-high niche. Jörg Jaugstetter, Product Manager in the Cooling Division, talks about the development, the uniqueness and expectations of the new helper in the kitchen.

Hello Jörg, please introduce yourself briefly. 
Hello my name is Jörg Jaugstetter and I am the product manager for cooling in Germany.  
In what way do the new Xl-XXL built-in refrigerators make life easier for users? 
Users don't have to shop as often and can fit an entire week's shopping in our XL-XXL appliances. Because with 381 liters of usable volume (45% more than a standard unit), a top and sidelight LED lighting, the users always find a perfect place for their fresh food. And of course, to store them for a long time, we have also integrated our intelligent hyperFresh freshness system for long-lasting freshness.   
What is the innovation or the special feature of the new fridge-freezers? 
Probably the biggest innovation is that we are putting XL and XXL refrigerators behind the furniture front.  Innovative features such as Home Connect/freezerLight/Ambientlight, make everyday life easier for consumers.    

What will shopping behavior look like in the future? 
It's impossible to say for sure, but the current trend shows that consumers want to shop less often, but more. With our XL-XXL stand and built-in refrigerators with more volume and intelligent freshness systems, we have the right, innovative answer to this trend.  
What is the reaction of the furniture industry to the new size? 
We were able to benefit from our many years of partnership and the early involvement of kitchen furniture manufacturers. We have promoted this new niche size in numerous talks. And we were successful.  
Many of the large kitchen furniture manufacturers are moving with us. But not only them but also our craftsmen customers (carpenters) are happy about the new possibilities to hide large-volume cooling units behind the furniture front.    
Together with almost all furniture manufacturers, we have found great solutions for our new XXL units and are full of anticipation for this launch.  


What other advantages do the new models have for the user? 
The biggest advantage is of course the volume and width of the units, as well as our new flexibility feature "flexShelf". A split glass top, which can be easily folded up without any effort. This provides consumers with a convenient and clever solution to store even larger items such as pots, roasters, etagere or even a 5 liter beer keg ;-).  
How do the new appliances score in the area of sustainability? 
These new refrigeration units come from Giengen, so they are Made in Germany. This is still an important argument - all the more so today, as "Made in Germany" also stands for shorter transport routes and thus CO2 reduction. 

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