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IFA 2023: "The favorites button is the gateway to the smart home universe" - an interview on the new frying convenience.

IFA 2023: "The favorites button is the gateway to the smart home universe" - an interview on the new frying convenience.

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Bosch introduces the new Series 6 induction cooktops, bringing new convenience in a new design to the kitchen. With the PerfectFry Plus frying sensor, consumers can achieve optimal results in many dishes with over 11 selectable temperature levels. With the new favorites button, quick access can also be configured with two personal favorite functions. In addition, accessories that are precisely adapted to the size of the Flex zones make frying even more convenient. Michael Hegendörfer, Product Manager in the Surface Cooking & Ventilation Division, explains exactly which functions support consumers in their everyday cooking.

Michael, please introduce yourself briefly.  

My name is Michael Hegendörfer and I have been working at BSH for more than 15 years in various functions, always in the area of marketing for home appliances in the kitchen.   
Over time, cooking has become my passion, as has the conviction that our home appliances make life easier for everyone in the kitchen. For me, cooking and eating is quality of life. I want to make sure that as many people as possible can enjoy our great features and easily put a smile on the faces of their family and friends. That's why I've also worked with professional chefs to develop recipes that really show off the benefits of the appliances. At IFA in Berlin, you can see it yourself and experience the new products live in our cooking show twice a day at the Siemens booth. 
What is Perfect Fry Plus and how does it improve the cooking experience for users?  
The Perfect Fry Plus frying  sensor revolutionizes the way we cook with the cooktops. What's new is that you now simply select the desired target temperature, e.g. 200°C for searing steak, and the cooktop controls and regulates it constantly. This makes cooking so much easier because you don't have to constantly switch up and down and you always know exactly what temperature is in the pan. Many know the problem, for example, even with very simple dishes like pancakes. Without temperature control, the first question is: when is the pan hot? Many people put a mini test pancake in the pan, or a few drops of water, or simply wait until the oil smokes. Of course, none of this is very practical. Often, the first pancake ends up in the trash because it either burns or is too pale. The second question is: is the pancake ready yet? Many then turn it over constantly to see if the desired browning has already been achieved. In addition, there is the constant regulation of the line via the control panel. That's stressful. 
With the new precise temperature selection, you can save all that. Ultimately, cooking is nothing other than chemistry: We change the aggregate state of the food building blocks, e.g. in the Maillard reaction, i.e. the browning of meat. Too much heat and the meat burns, too little and it doesn't brown, the meat becomes tough.   
The desired result is usually achieved either by accident, with a lot of experience, only with a lot of stress or unfortunately not at all. With ovens, we have been cooking with temperatures for decades. It is quite normal to bake a cake at 160°C. Nobody thinks about it anymore. With cooktops, it's completely new. Up to now, recipes have been very vague, such as "sauté at medium heat".   
In the temperature range of 70°C - 220°C, 11 temperature levels can be selected, and thus a wide variety of cooking processes can be set, such as melting chocolate, naturally without a water bath, at 70°C, reducing and boiling down sauces at approx. 120°C, roasting vegetables at 160°C or searing steak at 220°C.     

The Perfect Fry Plus Sensor is therefore the cruise control of cooking. For stress-free cooking and best results. 

What is the innovation or special feature of the new Series 6 favorites button?  
The favorite button is the gateway to the smart home universe. For the first time, users can individually determine which device function they would like to operate via the button. Other timer functions are possible, for example. Or a self-defined program sequence, e.g. for breakfast eggs thanks to a defined combination of temperature and time. Or even self-defined Smart Home triggers. For example, a "Dinner is ready" routine can be defined, in which a certain music plays at the touch of a button, a lighting mood is created, and the game console in the children's room is switched off ;-).   
Which extra functions are available when connected with the Home Connect app?  
All cooktops of the new generation are wifi capable and thus part of the smart home cosmos.   
The Home Connect app offers users support in getting to know the new appliance. Numerous delicious recipes can be found. Numerous partner apps are also integrated via Home Connect. For example, the smartwatch can be used to check whether the cooktop is still on while on the move. 

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