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IFA Highlights 2023 | Bosch

IFA Highlights 2023 | Bosch

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This year's IFA - the world's leading trade fair for consumer and home electronics - takes place in Berlin, starting on September 1st. This is the perfect occasion for BSH to present its innovative appliances, services and intelligent technologies from all product families and to showcase its Bosch, Siemens and Home Connect brands. We summed up some of the highlights for you:

Time to take care: Bosch shows new possibilities for the home of tomorrow
Environmental awareness, sustainability, connectivity and health are shaping our times and influencing all areas of public life. We all strive to not only protect our planet, but also attach great importance to our personal well-being. Bosch supports this with modern home appliances and presents its latest innovations at IFA under the motto "Time to take care". In the development of Bosch home appliances, the aim is to bring innovation and sustainability in line with the wishes and needs of consumers.

Sustainable from the start: the Green Collection 
The Bosch Green Collection fridge-freezers not only have low energy consumption with energy efficiency class B, but are also made with more environmentally friendly materials. The result? 33 percent less CO2 in production material compared to a model with conventional production material. (*1) Users also benefit from practical functions: The proven No Frost technology prevents the formation of ice crystals and eliminates the need for tiresome defrosting in the freezer section. In the refrigerator section, the appliance impresses with VitaFresh, the Bosch freshness system that keeps food fresh for longer and thus helps to reduce food waste. The smaller the footprint, the greater the effect. For this reason, the Green Collection dishwashers have low energy consumption with energy efficiency classes A and B, and are produced proportionately with CO2-reduced stainless steel. (*2)




Bosch expands its EEK A range
Bosch has further improved its dishwashing and washing range to make it as easy as possible for consumers to lead a more sustainable lifestyle. As of September, dishwashers in the best energy efficiency classes A and B now account for over 50 percent of the German range of 60 cm wide dishwashers instead of the previous 13 percent. In the case of Bosch washing machines, the choice is even easier: all Bosch washing machines from Series 4 and Series 6 to Series 8 will be in the best energy efficiency class A from 2024. The Series 8 premium washing machines are even 20 percent more efficient than the limit value for energy efficiency class A. (*3) 




The best recipe? Love and perfect technology 
With the innovative Series 6, Bosch is launching the next-generation kitchen machine. It offers the latest technology for even more convenience when baking. Seven sensor-controlled automatic programs ensure perfect results with different types of dough, mixing delicious smoothies and more. Smart Sensor Technology automatically detects when the result is perfect and stops the appliance by itself. The integrated, high-precision scale enables precise measuring in 1g steps, so that even the smallest amounts of ingredients can be added exactly according to the recipe. Those who use the Home Connect app (*4) can look forward to great extras. For the Series 6 food processor, it provides recipe inspiration, step-by-step instructions and recommendations for setting the optimal time, speed and automatic programs for recipes.




Healthy cooking and baking
The Series 8 oven is the perfect helper. It allows steam cooking with up to 120 °C. The clever combination of hot air and steam gets food such as potatoes, beetroot or beans ready up to 50 percent faster than with classic steam cooking. (*5) In addition, up to 54 percent more nutrients and up to 25 percent more vitamin C are retained. (*6) Also, the Air Fry heating mode is now offered in all Series 8 ovens - this means that dishes that previously required a lot of fat to prepare can now be crispy and aromatic even with little fat. 



Cooking in a relaxed way
The Series 6 and Series 8 inclined hoods from Bosch are the quietest in Europe in recirculation mode. At 59 decibels on power level 3, they are just as loud as a conversation between two people. (*7) The Clean Air Plus odor filter of the Series 4, 6 and 8 has an anti-fish and anti-pollen function, the latter being unique on the market. Compared to the cassette charcoal filter, the lamellar shape of the long-lasting filter reduces odors to a very high degree and allows an output of up to 964 m³/h on the Series 8 inclined diners. (*8) Even allergy sufferers can breathe a sigh of relief. Because pollen and dust are reliably absorbed and deactivated by the Clean Air Plus odor filter. The room air is cleaned of all pollen to an extremely high degree. Those who link their Bosch hood to the Home Connect app (*9) benefit from practical functions. For the Series 4 and 6, this connection enables a fully automatic use of the extractor hood if a compatible hob is available. Thanks to Smart Hood Automatic, cooks can devote themselves fully to preparing their food. The settings of the hob are sent directly to the inclined hood, which then regulates the power levels automatically and autonomously. The appliances are thus ideally coordinated and work together for a perfect cooking experience.




Always the right temperature
Glazed vegetables or perfectly seared steaks are now even easier with the Series 6 induction hobs. The PerfectFry Plus frying sensor offers a choice of 11 preset temperature levels to achieve optimal results every time. The sensor continuously monitors the temperature of the pan and keeps it constant, eliminating the need for readjustment - comparable to cruise control in a car. This enables stress-free cooking, where nothing burns despite distractions - whether at 70 °C or 220 °C. Even if new ingredients are added to a dish during cooking, the temperature is maintained. When connecting the Series 6 induction hob to the Home Connect app cooks can assign up to two functions to the Favorite Button via the app, for example to set the timer to three minutes or even five minutes cooking time at power level 7 with one tap - perfect for the fried egg for breakfast. 



Flexible and thorough floor cleaning

Floor cleaning can be so easy! Hours of cleaning in two steps was yesterday. With the new Bosch Unlimited 7 ProHygienic Aqua, powerful vacuuming and thorough mopping can be done in one go. It combines unlimited flexibility and maximum performance of the Unlimited 7 multi-use handstick with the advantages of an electrical mop. This makes thorough floor cleaning particularly easy and efficient.



*1 Partially attributed by mass balancing (according to ISO 22095). During production, CO2-reduced material is partially mixed with conventional material, but attributed to the Bosch Green Collection fridge-freezers for accounting purposes. The CO2 reduction results from the use of CO2-reduced steel and bio-based foam and plastic. The comparison refers to the Bosch KGN39VXBT fridge-freezer combination with conventional material.

*2 In the production process, CO2-reduced stainless steel is mixed with conventional stainless steel (from 1.9.2023).

*3 20% more efficient (40 kWh/100 wash cycles) than the limit value (50 kWh/100 wash cycles) of energy efficiency class A according to Regulation (EU) No 2019/2014.

*4 Home Connect is a service of Home Connect GmbH. The appliance must be connected to a Home Connect account and a single-key ID account via the Internet.

*5 Compared to steam cooking at 100 °C, Internal BSH laboratory test. Green beans need about 18-25 minutes at 100 °C, about 8-12 minutes at 120 °C

*6 When steam cooking up to 120 °C compared to cooking in boiling water, University of Hohenheim test results 5/2022 and 10/2022

*7 When using power level 3 and with built-in recirculation filter and chimney according to EN 60704-2-13

*8 At maximum power level in recirculation mode with built-in recirculation filter and chimney according to EN 61591

*9 Some of the features displayed can be accessed only if the device is connected to a Home Connect account and a SingleKey ID account va the Internet. Home Connect is a service of Home Connect GmbH. For more information on Home Connect, visit

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