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IFA-Highlights 2023 | Siemens

IFA-Highlights 2023 | Siemens

2 min

Siemens demonstrates smart solutions for the Intelligent Kitchen. The centerpiece of the Siemens booth is the Intelligent Kitchen: an environment which helps its users to optimize everyday tasks, enrich their lives and be more sustainable. It consists of an entire (eco-)system of appliances whose design interacts just as perfectly as their digital applications. Flexible control is possible via the Home Connect app or the Siemens Smart Kitchen Dock, just one of the many features that visitors to the trade fair will encounter at the live cooking shows this year.

The oven recognizes what's in it

The innovation brand presented its first AI applications last year. Siemens is now taking the next step with the new food recognition system. Already, the artificial intelligence can identify around 40 different dishes such as pizza or lasagna. It does this using the integrated oven camera. The appliance then suggests the optimal preparation method, making baking and roasting easier than ever. 



Simple cooking with temperature selection

Siemens Home Appliances is now making cooking more stress-free. With the new temperature-controlled hob, instead of only regulating heat approximately via power levels, users can for the first time – like with an oven – choose an exact degree. This makes it possible, for example, to melt chocolate without it burning. And pancakes or steaks can be cooked as desired without having to stand next to them - because the fryingSensor Pro ensures that the heat in the pan remains constant. Additionally, the automatic interplay between hob and hood promises a more simplified user experience. Ventilation levels are regulated automatically so the full attention can stay with the cooking.



Built-in fridges in a new, large format

The new XL and XXL built-in refrigerators are a revolution for the German kitchen trade. Through collaboration with leading kitchen studios, Siemens launched the 194- centimeter-high and 75-centimeter-wide niche series. In addition to plenty of space, the extra-large appliances also offer special freshness zones for the longer shelf life of fruit, vegetables, fish and meat. 


Appliances with more independence

Siemens has also developed clever solutions to everyday challenges in many other areas. For example, the new iQ700 washer-dryer solves time and space problems: up to 6 kilograms of laundry can be washed and dried fully automatically in one cycle. 


Sustainability is part of the progress

The new generation of dishwashers shows that "appliance intelligence" at Siemens always aims for more sustainability. The 60 cm wide range has experienced significant energy efficiency gains and is increasingly produced at the German factory in Dillingen. In future, repair and update options will also play an even greater role. Remote maintenance contributes to this, as does the availability of spare parts which will be guaranteed for far longer. Good news for those who want to throw away less and contribute to climate protection in their own households.



Maximum coffee enjoyment now comes with maximum convenience in maintenance

Coffee like from the barista in your favorite café? With the EQ900 plus fully automatic espresso machine, that's a matter of course. Enjoy the best taste and maximum convenience during maintenance thanks to the revolutionary autoCalc'n Clean function. Without effort, without stress, and without having to manage the endless tasks of a professional barista. The new Siemens EQ900 plus offers everything a true coffee lover could ever wish for and prepares your coffee down to every single nuance – exactly how you want it.




*1 Partially attributed by mass balancing (according to ISO 22095). During production, CO2-reduced material is partially mixed with conventional material, but attributed to the Bosch Green Collection fridge-freezers for accounting purposes. The CO2 reduction results from the use of CO2-reduced steel and bio-based foam and plastic. The comparison refers to the Bosch KGN39VXBT fridge-freezer combination with conventional material.

*2 In the production process, CO2-reduced stainless steel is mixed with conventional stainless steel (from 1.9.2023).

*3 20% more efficient (40 kWh/100 wash cycles) than the limit value (50 kWh/100 wash cycles) of energy efficiency class A according to Regulation (EU) No 2019/2014.

*4 Home Connect is a service of Home Connect GmbH. The appliance must be connected to a Home Connect account and a single-key ID account via the Internet.

*5 Compared to steam cooking at 100 °C, Internal BSH laboratory test. Green beans need about 18-25 minutes at 100 °C, about 8-12 minutes at 120 °C

*6 When steam cooking up to 120 °C compared to cooking in boiling water, University of Hohenheim test results 5/2022 and 10/2022

*7 When using power level 3 and with built-in recirculation filter and chimney according to EN 60704-2-13

*8 At maximum power level in recirculation mode with built-in recirculation filter and chimney according to EN 61591

*9 Some of the features displayed can be accessed only if the device is connected to a Home Connect account and a SingleKey ID account va the Internet. Home Connect is a service of Home Connect GmbH. For more information on Home Connect, visit

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