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My Growth @ BSH talent program Talentify – by Jon Strutt

My Growth @ BSH talent program Talentify – by Jon Strutt

Reading time: 5 minutes

After Jon finished BSH’s corporate talent program Talentify in 2020, we’ve asked him to look back at his time among global BSH talent and reflect on what changed for him since then. An inspiring read!

Talentify had an undeniable influence on me. When I look back at that time, I remember why I decided to apply for it in the first place, what preparations were required for the development center called Talentify lab and the great opportunities that came with it. Especially, I think about the events I attended, the colleagues I met and the differences that they made to me as a person, a colleague, a team member, a father, a partner, a son, and a friend.

How it all started

When I saw the details of the program and the information to apply, I was curious. I had long thought that I needed something to challenge me, to take me away from the comfort of the day-to-day job and this seemed to fit the bill. I had to answer questions that no one at BSH had asked me, to justify and back up those answers. Once I had received the news about my successful application, I was delighted and vowed not to waste the opportunity.

The talent lab – the development center, where you receive feedback on your strengths as well as areas for development - was quite the most exhilarating, eye-popping, intense, scary introduction to any program that I have experienced. It marked a moment when I started to understand vulnerability and the power of exposing that vulnerability. At the lab, it was empowering to speak to an audience who were equally willing to tell their audience about themselves. It was refreshing to receive unfiltered, honest feedback. Returning from the lab I clearly felt that my decision to apply had been totally validated. 

I also left having made new friends, with whom I am still in contact. Exhausting, intense, but rewarding. However, the main question was:

How do I convert the program into something visible and concrete that will benefit me and BSH

I didn’t have long to wait – The Talentify Campus in 2019 which was focusing on “Agile @ BSH” was the singular most inspiring event I’ve been fortunate enough to attend. To spend time amongst a truly global constituency, meeting colleagues from all around the globe really brought home the footprint of our organization. It also felt uplifting to be part of a group that had ideas, wanted to change things, to challenge the status quo, to ask questions. Important as those elements were, what I took back to the UK with me was the desire to make sure that our local organization fully understood the meaning of “Agile Mindset”. I read widely on the subject, devoured books, and articles, and persuaded the powers that be to allow me to book training and sit certifications. There is no doubt that my poor manager must have been bored to tears with my nagging about how we could be more productive through a full adoption of proper Agility. In 2019 I achieved “Certified Scrum Master” accreditation and have used that widely both as a Scrum Master, but also as an Agile coach, advising and guiding. My manager has stated that I am acting as an Agile ambassador, a leading light in GB, and of being a salesman to the Senior Leadership and wider management team.

The consequence of my Talentify journey

Underlying much of the changes that Talentify has brought in me is the concept of Psychological Safety. I return to this concept often – especially about the necessity to make errors. No one succeeds with only success. Very often a successful result is achieved ONLY with multiple failures. And this requires inherent trust. Trust that we are all working to the very best of our abilities and, critically, to achieve the same results. In this respect, I have tried, and feel it is acknowledged, that I am a positive influencer at several levels. This is a twofold consequence of my Talentify journey. 

Firstly, by exposing me to these concepts and secondly by giving me the confidence to believe in my ability to articulate these concepts to a wider audience. Thank you Talentify, for I truly believe the last two years have made me grow to be better in many areas of my professional and personal life.

You want to learn more about Talentify? 
Here you go: 

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