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This is what digitalization tastes like – Bosch Cookit

This is what digitalization tastes like – Bosch Cookit

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Dicing, chopping, grating, mixing, pureeing, steaming and so much more. Multifunctional food processor Cookit saves time and effort.

The smart kitchen assistant

A good porcini mushroom risotto needs one thing more than anything else: constant attention. A fact that Martin Strumpler, head of the Smart Cooking unit at BSH, is well aware of. But right now, the avid amateur cook hasn’t got much to do in his kitchen while beaming with satisfaction at his team's latest innovation doing all the work for him: an appliance called Cookit.

Developed within BSH, the new food processor has just finished sautéing porcini mushrooms in butter when Martin is closing the lid for now. Over the next three quarters of an hour, Cookit is going to take over all the hard work and stir, stir and stir again. The only thing left to do is for him to add a splash of white wine and vegetable stock until the risotto is ready. "It is a completely different way of cooking," says Strumpler using the time saved on stirring to explain the other benefits of this digital kitchen wizard.


With the integrated scale of the Bosch Cookit, the ingredients can be weighed quickly

Step by step to a culinary delight

But don’t be mistaken if you now think, Cookit only rotates the wooden spoon for you. The food processor comes with a total of 27 functions. In addition to its basic features such as mixing, pureeing, braising or kneading dough, the all-round talent also masters steam or sous-vide cooking or searing at up to 200 degrees – guaranteeing deep, savory flavors.

In order to not get lost in possibilities, Cookit is akin to a virtual cooking course: “The appliance has more than 140 recipes pre-programmed into its memory,“ explains Martin Strumpler. „The information in the display guides the user through the preparation step by step.” But for those who prefer to cook freestyle, manual settings allow them to do exactly that. The only thing that matters is it all tastes great.



Data-driven cooking perfection

The latest technology ensures, that Cookit makes the most out of ingredients. Sensors continuously monitor the temperature in the work bowl comparing it with the temperature recommended for the given ingredient. So while water is brought to a boil at full power, milk is heated up more gradually. This information is drawn from the internal recipe memory and is combined with the numerous automatic programs of the food processor. Just imagine having the collective wisdom of many chefs helping you with meal preparation – except for the fact that in this case, many cooks do not spoil the soup but ensure data-driven perfection.

"Thanks to regular software updates, Cookit is always up-to-date."
Martin Strumpler

The hub of the connected kitchen

In line with the BSH hardware+ strategy, Cookit is well connected and equipped with the latest technology. Thanks to its Wi-Fi connection, additional recipes can be loaded onto the food processor using the Home Connect app. An integration via Amazon's virtual voice assistant Alexa also works seamlessly.

During development, BSH was able to build on the vast experience of its brand Bosch when it comes to connectivity. To summarize the basic idea behind the Internet of Things (IoT): How can digitalization be used to enhance an analog device with convenient digital features? All this serves the same end: to benefit the people using BSH products. There will never be a function that does not have a clear benefit for the consumers.

What’s true for the software also applies to the hardware: "For example, Cookit has to be extremely heat-resistant,” says Strumpler, "so the composition of plastic parts is fringe engineering at the limits of what’s possible. Bosch expertise helped us a lot here.“

Where can I get the Bosch Cookit?

The smart food processor is already available in Germany and Austria, and subsequently in other countries as well.

Furthermore, Bosch Home is introducing new sales channels for the smart food processor. “We’ll be offering customers plenty of opportunities to see Cookit in action for themselves, for example via experts in their regions,” says Martin Strumpler.

Strumpler‘s porcini mushroom risotto is now ready to eat. Served straight from the Cookit pot to the plate, the dish is proof that even something as abstract as digitalization can have a very tangible appeal. It’s a stirring notion for anyone who enjoys cooking.


Bon appetit!

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