Posted on 01/04/2018 via BSH Home Appliances Group

BSH China receives Top Employer Award

Jeanny Zhang is Head of Human Resources of BSH Region Greater China. We conducted an interview with her and talked about the Top Employer Award and her work at BSH.

For the fourth year in a row BSH China is rewarded as “Top Employer China”. We talked to Vice President and Head of Human Resources of BSH Region Greater China Jeanny Zhang about the success of BSH China and asked her what it takes to be a Top Employer.

Which essential factors do you think make a company worthy of being a Top Employer?

Great achievements, a good reputation and social responsibility make a company deserve a reward. In addition, a successful talent strategy and the joint efforts of all employees are also important factors. We are constantly exploring new methods to provide employees with more attractive career development opportunities and a better working environment. Furthermore, the hard work of all our colleagues empowers us to thrive and grow towards the future.

What makes BSH a Top Employer for you personally?

Receiving the Top Employer Award shows that BSH fosters an open-minded working environment, develops talents and encourages people to seek breakthroughs and progress in career development. As head of HR of Region Greater China, I feel extremely honoured to receive this award.

How did you celebrate winning this award?

An Award Gala provided us with the opportunity to share wonderful photos and videos with our colleagues – this experience will forever be in our memories. I also received plenty of sincere congratulations on the award from colleagues and my personal friends. When I returned to the office, I extended heartfelt thanks to all colleagues for their great efforts.

What does the award mean for BSH as an employer, especially within China?

We want to be one of the leading employers to attract, retain and develop talents to support profitable growth of BSH RGC. 2017 marks the 50th anniversary for the BSH group and the 20th anniversary for BSH China. It is a great honour for us to receive the “Top Employer China 2018” award for the fourth consecutive year – this is truly a milestone. The award is a remarkable acknowledgement for the talent management strategy of BSH China.

Which qualities make BSH a Top Employer compared to others in China?

The award of “Top Employer China” reflects the successful implementation of the corporate culture of people who are responsible for the company’s success. BSH has always been committed to the sustainable development of the Chinese market, putting local personnel development at the centre of our strategy. In the past 20 years, we have invested significant efforts to enrich our talent pool, upgraded personnel development programs and created a diversified working environment.

What does the award mean for current and future employees?

We will continue to build an even more effective employee management system to better serve more than ten thousand employees in BSH China, therefore supporting both the long-term and short-term development of our company. Looking ahead, we will devote consistent efforts to create a better working environment for all staff members.

How do you think the award will help with future recruitment efforts?

BSH group is rolling out an Employer Branding Program and the slogan is set to be “Tomorrow is Our Home”. The title of Top Employer China and the program will enrich our attraction of talents. In the future, BSH China will achieve greater success in Human Resources to attract and retain talents in a more effective way. Through this, the company’s long-term development can be supported immensely.