Meike Lohrke Mykie BSH Home Connect Posted on 09/15/2017 via BSH Home Appliances Group

BSH Presents: Your Personal Assistant – Mykie – at IFA 2017

What does the kitchen of the future look like? We have some ideas, starting with the introduction of your very own interactive personal kitchen assistant called Mykie.

At the IFA – one of the world’s biggest international conferences for consumer and home electronics, in Berlin, BSH presented its concept for a personal kitchen assistant, Mykie or ‘my kitchen elf’.

Mykie uses BSH’s Home Connect technology to connect individual kitchen appliances together, regardless of brand, into one digital ecosystem. Mykie then communicates the consumer’s needs with the appliances, effectively taking control and managing the completion of daily chores.

Mykie knows, for instance, what’s in the fridge, how much longer your cake needs to bake and can even order more washing powder when it’s needed. Mykie is more than just a personal kitchen assistant though. He responds to the user’s voice and answers all kind of everyday questions, making him great fun to interact with.

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