Posted on 02/02/2018 via BSH Home Appliances Group

The BSH Wiki: An Information Pool Containing Over Half a Century of BSH’s History

In the last 50 years, BSH has had numerous developments, affiliations and innovations. Klaus Grenzner founded the BSH Wiki in 2017 to consolidate BSH’s substantial history.

We are BSH and our origins have played a major role in our success. To celebrate our success, we want to highlight our rich history by going through our archives to find fascinating stories that made us what we are.

BSH contains over 50 years of development, affiliations and innovations and BSH Corporate Archive Project Manager, Klaus Grenzner takes his role over our archives seriously and refers to his position as “History Marketing”. Klaus decided to take the archives and create a way for everyone to see the company’s history – right at their fingertips. The BSH Wiki was founded as a result.

The BSH Wiki is user-friendly in its layout – resembling Wikipedia – and contains comprehensive information regarding our history, gives updates on the most important BSH products, and is constantly developing. Topics such as BSH’s brands and international locations are in the works. The “wiki” format allows an unlimited number of new topics to be added and the BSH Wiki is not only there for our enjoyment but is also ready for any future contributions as regards to new information and successes. Take a look at our Wiki here.

Klaus definitely has a good reason for wanting to help others discover pieces of our history, as he has seen his share of BSH stories. His most exciting discovery was when he found historically valuable documents that were stored for decades in boiler rooms underneath factories – completely unsuitable storage conditions. Most of these documents had been circulating the company for many years but no one had ever been assigned responsibility for them. One example of these documents was a product catalogue from the company Junker & Ruh (later belonging to Neff) from the year 1909, which was still in very good condition!

The BSH Corporate Archive is the legacy and memory of BSH, filled with history and stories, which can now also be found on the BSH Wiki. Stay tuned for the next story, freshly dusted from our archives.