Posted on 12/11/2018 via BSH Home Appliances Group

Career start abroad: Looking for something new?

Dual student Jana Schmid and apprentice Jan Meyer are at the beginning of their careers at BSH. Yet they have already been working abroad for three months. For both it is an exciting time, full of new impressions and opportunities to prove themselves.

Jana Schmid has long been fascinated by possible opportunities to work abroad in a country with another culture and different traditions. Fortunately for Jana, her dual studies at BSH included exactly such an international experience – with the all-important logistical support to make it happen. This was her chance to work at BSH in Thailand for three months: an offer she gladly accepted.

“Our manager took care of the inquiries abroad, some of which required a lot of time and coordination effort,” says the 22-year-old. “Other things such as accommodation and work permits were handled by the HR team in Thailand. My colleagues there were fantastic, they had prepared everything and could help answer any questions as soon as they arose. “

Getting to grips with the new environment

Jana’s experience is no exception in an international company like BSH. Another example of starting a career with an international touch is the experience of Jan Meyer, apprentice industrial management at BSH. “As part of my training, I’m currently working for BSH in Stockholm for three months,” he says.

Although his day-to-day work in Sweden resembles his daily routine in Germany, there is still much to be learned: “Just being able to communicate and to get along in another country with a foreign language is already a very good experience,” he says. Jan also likes the atmosphere at his office in Stockholm. “The way that colleagues here at BSH interact with each other is very easy-going,” he explains. “Everybody is on a first-name basis, and once a week our department organizes a traditional breakfast, which people here call ‘fika’”.

In organizing his stay abroad, the 20-year-old also received support from the company. “BSH looked for accommodation and booked it for me. Of course that made my preparations a lot easier,” he remembers. Besides such practical help he also had the chance to discuss his professional goals and expectations with his manager before leaving for Sweden.

Challenges to prove yourself

Both Jan and Jana are pleased to have made the decision to go and work abroad – but it hasn’t been without challenges. “In Bangkok it took me a while to get used to the traffic and the crowds,” remembers Jana. “But that taught me not only to be patient with myself and to accept new challenges, but also to keep calm in difficult situations and to concentrate on the positive aspects of a new situation.”

Jan, for his part, has also learned from his experience. To other young colleagues who would like to go abroad he is first to recommend it: “Be open, actively approach other people and try to soak up as much as possible of the new impressions and culture.” Jana agrees that the most important thing is not to be afraid of new things. “Then you can take a lot with you from such a stay – personally as well as professionally.”