Posted on 12/21/2017 via BSH Home Appliances Group

Christmas dinner

Duck, roast beef or a vegetarian alternative? People who still don’t know what to serve for this year’s Christmas dinner will find some great ideas on Kitchen Stories ( Thanks to the step-by-step instructions on the international food platform, the recipes ensure tasty results even over the hectic Christmas season. But what do Verena Hubertz and Mengting Gao, the founders of Kitchen Stories, serve at their own festive dinners? Stories asked them about their plans for this Christmas.

Christmas is a family holiday, and you have been part of the BSH family for around a month now. What changes have you seen in this time?
Verena Hubertz: Up to now, nothing much has changed for us. We still operate independently, but have already participated in strategic workshops with BSH to define a common roadmap and kick-start the first projects. We’re particularly looking forward to the first steps toward integration into the Home Connect ecosystem.

Are you genuine Christmas fans or more like Christmas Grinches?
Mengting Gao: I really like Christmas, and that’s why I regret not having as much time as usual to prepare this year.
Verena Hubertz: I’m pretty neutral as far as Christmas is concerned – not a proper fan, but definitely not a Christmas Grinch either.

Seared duck breast with cherry-Port wine sauce

How are the two of you celebrating Christmas this year?
Mengting Gao: Verena will be with her family in Trier and I’m visiting mine in Moers. We’re both looking forward to taking a proper break and spending a few days with friends and family.

What do you normally eat on Christmas Eve?
Verena Hubertz: We always eat Raclette. It may not be a really traditional Christmas dish, but it’s been a custom in my family for some years now. We like preparing the meal together, and have lots of fun while we’re doing it
Mengting Gao: My family usually eats duck, but prepared the Chinese way.

Warming mulled wine

Which of Kitchen Stories’ Christmas recipes are the most popular with users?
Verena Hubertz: Filet Wellington is particularly popular, and the recipe has already received 17,000 likes in our app. A well-liked Christmas starter for Kitchen Stories’ users is Sweet Potato Soup . As far as desserts are concerned, cakes like Devil’s Food Cake and Red Velvet Cupcakes are much in demand. Naturally enough, Kitchen Stories’ users do a lot of baking over the pre-Christmas period as well. Vanilla crescents cookies are among the most popular cookies they make at this time of year.

Do you include international dishes in your list of Christmas recipes, or do users prefer the traditional classics?
Mengting Gao: For the most part, our Christmas recipes remain classically inspired. But, as the list of the most popular recipes shows, international dishes are certainly gaining ground. It seems users are trying out more and more of the international alternatives, but they don’t want to give up on the traditional Christmas cookies either.

What are your hopes for the coming year?
Verena Hubertz: In 2018, we want to be able to work together with BSH on the further development of Kitchen Stories. Our priorities are the expansion of the technical platform and the strengthening of our team. The second item is particularly important to us – we’re looking for keen new employees who share our vision and want to help us implement it in a sustainable fashion.

Gingerbread hearts