Exchanging offices and cultures Posted on 09/20/2018 via BSH Home Appliances Group

Exchanging offices and cultures

Didem Isik has just completed her assignment at the BSH Corporate Talent Management in Germany. Read more about her move from the local HR department in Istanbul to the corporate one in Munich.

In October 2016, Didem left her role in the human resources team in Turkey for what was supposed to be a short-term assignment at the corporate headquarters. But when a colleague went on maternity leave, she was invited to stay for longer – and she immediately accepted.
“It felt like a win-win situation,” Didem explains. “For me it was a chance to remain in the new team and learn more about the wider company structure. For my colleagues there, it was a chance to better understand HR issues from a different perspective.”

A change in scope – and speed
“The main difference I noticed between the two offices was how to deal with certain things,” she reflects. She explains that the local HR departments tend to make faster decisions as they are only dealing with one country. On the international level, each step tends to involve more people, more countries and more cultures. The scope of the tasks is much broader.
“My work at the Munich headquarters was more holistic,” she explains. “I worked with HR colleagues from BSH-countries around the world – from China and Singapore to the US to Europe.” As a result, most of her tasks required English, rather than German.

Out of the comfort zone
“My time abroad has really strengthened my ability to understand diverse needs and perceptions,” says Didem. “I really enjoyed the intercultural environment.” Whilst she had always considered herself to be someone who can adapt easily to new environments and situations, her move to Munich really put this to the test. It was her first time working and living abroad. “Working in a different culture also made me more flexible and confident when it comes to communicating – both in my professional and personal life.”

For anyone else considering a placement at the BSH headquarters in Munich, Didem’s advice is clear: “Just go for it! Of course, there might be some uncertainties along the way, but try to enjoy every minute.”