Posted on 07/18/2018 via BSH Home Appliances Group

GfU – Insights & Trends

If people never run out of rinse aid, if dogs are equipped with GPS location tracker and if personal kitchen assistants make everyday life easier, then the dreams of BSH Digital Officer Europe Karel van der Horst have turned into reality. Then he will be one step closer to his vision of not only transforming our kitchens, but our homes into comfortable, smart and safe places. Together with Paulo Ferreira, Vice President of Smart Cities at Bosch, he talked at GfU Insights & Trends last week, about what this has to do with his daily contribution to consumer satisfaction.

Karel, what is your personal vision for the home of the future?
For the home of the future, I dream of a seamless experience of different connected solutions. In the home of tomorrow there will be more and more integrated services that are easy and intuitive to use. For example, GPS location tracker – even my dog has one! Furthermore, the home of the future will be equipped with personal assistants e.g. our personal assistant concept Mykie, combining connected products with digital services into a seamless experience. Home will be a more comfortable and a more personal place than ever before.

How does your daily work contribute to that vision?
My challenge is to define, implement and push digital transition in Europe. That means to find more partners, sell more connected products, define more digital use cases & services and present our vision to external audiences and increase relevance of the topic in general.

The title of your speech is “From smart cities to smart kitchen” – can you explain this connection?
By 2050 more than 60% of the world population will live in cities. Our main goal is to improve the quality of life and this trend offers a great chance for us: A smart city is essential to this goal and includes smart buildings, smart homes and smart kitchens. That’s why Home Connect is designed to make the kitchen a comfortable, smart and safe place.

How can you improve the quality of the consumer’s life?
Connected products can make a great difference: With our digital services and partners we can create exciting new experiences for our consumers to improve the quality of their lives. I am happy to say that this year we are already introducing services for our appliances that will make sure you never run out of the needed consumables for example dishwasher tabs, rinse aid or salt.

What are the next concrete steps for BSH?
We are adding Home Connect to more brands, are introducing more and more Home Connect products and we are establishing partnerships with global and local partners to further expand the Home Connect eco-system. However, our main goal is to increase consumer satisfaction through the unique digital experiences we deliver with BSH connected products and our digital services.