Posted on 06/29/2018 via BSH Home Appliances Group

How to pitch ideas

”Entrepreneurial spirit” is the right mindset to shape the future in a fast changing business environment. New ideas are crucial. BSH colleague Ionut Murgu from Romania shares his learnings.

“Having worked in sales for my entire professional career, I’ve had many opportunities to admire some entrepreneurs endowed with authentic entrepreneurial spirit. They are people with initiative who are able to develop startups by having a strong belief in their ideas and dreams. They also have the right attitude that embraces critical thinking, risk taking, accepting failure, driving change or creativity leading to innovation.

But today the term ‘entrepreneurial spirit’ is no longer strictly used for founders of startups or companies, but is also relevant for employees with a similar mindset. It is crucial to move faster, to be competitive, to think and work agile and to drive change in doing business.

To highlight the importance of fostering „entrepreneurial spirit” at BSH, these topics were addressed during a convention for BSH talent program members held in Berlin last week. A special talking point on the agenda was „How to Pitch an Idea”. Coming up with ‘outside the box’ ideas or innovations is already challenging, but convincing other people to adopt them can be even harder.

If you believe you have entrepreneurial spirit and would like to pitch your ideas within the company, don’t hesitate to do it! Because if you want change something at BSH, you have to change yourself first. Any new idea can be important for the company, whether it is related to the business, improving processes or developing real innovations. These are some tips for a successful pitch:

1. Get others to support your idea and develop it in a small team. Then think about who the relevant stakeholders are and gain their trust.
2. When pitching the idea, focus on few important messages, no more than 3 or 4. Specify them clearly and concisely, right at the beginning of your presentation (max 5 min).
3. Strongly believe in your idea and deliver it with passion. You need to inspire and excite people about your idea.
4. Resist the temptation to address ideas only from your perspective. Try to empathize with your audience’s needs by understanding other points of view and see the „big picture”. Be open to any kind of feedback.

If you think that this may help you, take the lead and be the change! Remember Steve Jobs’s great words: ’The ones who are crazy enough to think that they can change the world, are the ones who do’.”

Motivated and qualified employees are a key success factor for BSH. This is fostered by targeted development measures, for example within our Talent Management. Corporate and local talent programs help to strategically identify and promote our high-potentials and bring them together. During a talent management convention, the participants learned more about the topic of entrepreneurial spirit. Ionut Murgu from Romania joined a session on how to pitch new ideas.