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Welcome to the New Age of Manufacturing

Welcome to the New Age of Manufacturing

How do we make our manufacturing process future-proof? By fitting our factories with innovative ‘Industrie 4.0’ technology.

‘Industrie 4.0’, the fourth industrial revolution and so-called ‘smart’ factories are just some of the phrases being used to describe the game-changing forces, which are shaping the future of manufacturing. With so much innovation currently underway, there’s no doubt that we’re witnessing the dawn of the 4th industrial revolution, but what does this mean for our sites worldwide?

‘Industrie 4.0’ refers to a whole new approach to production and manufacturing whereby every component in the production line is connected up to the “Internet of Things”. This means that individual machines can organize tasks amongst themselves, supply chains are able to coordinate themselves and products can tell the system how far along the production line they are.

These innovations are also opening up exciting new job opportunities for our teams worldwide, many of whom are tasked with designing, operating and improving this software for our sites.

Pioneering ‘Industrie 4.0’ Solutions

The possibilities presented by these new, connected and smart factories are being realised at our site in Giengen. In 2015, this site, which is also one of our longest running, became our first to be fitted with the networked production lines. It’s now “one of the company’s most modern production facility” says Roland Weber, Head of Manufacturing Engineering. “Productivity has risen” because “we no longer have to hunt down just where a defect is” and “we’re producing more cost-effectively,” he said.

We’ve been working hard to bring the “Internet of Things” into our consumers’ homes, but we’re also realising the benefits of connecting all parts of the production process – machines, products, systems and people, so they can all work in harmony and continue producing top-grade home appliances.

Learn more about “Industrie 4.0” and digitalization in production at Giengen from a video made by Deutsche Welle.

Next week you can read more about robots in production lines on Stories.

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