X-Spect scanner concept - innovation Posted on 09/04/2017 via BSH Home Appliances Group

Introducing X-Spect: small scanner, big impact

BSH presents the X-Spect multipurpose scanner at IFA 2017. This visionary concept device from Home Connect uses state-of-the-art sensor technology to make household decisions easier.

Presenting the New Concept

At IFA 2017, BSH presented the X-Spect concept to the world for the first time. This lightweight scanner has been designed to make household decisions easier than they’ve ever been before.

Choosing the right setting on the washing machine, especially for delicate fabrics, can sometimes be difficult. Many of us have shrunk our favorite jumpers or are unsure how to treat a specific stain we don’t know where it is from. With X-Spect, you’ll be happy to hear that this will all be a thing of the past!

Use the stylish wireless device to scan your textiles and it will communicate instructions to your washing machine, to ensure that it is washed at the optimal settings. X-Spect can also offer suggestions when it comes to drying and ironing because it uses cutting edge sensor technology to determine which fabrics you are washing, and how best to get rid of any stains.

  • Scanning with the new X-Spect, a concept presented at IFA 2017

Not Just Food

X-Spect can also help you to make decisions about the food you have in the kitchen. Scanning your food with X-Spect will let you know whether fruits are ripe and ready to eat. It can also tell you which meat is in your burger patty or how much sugar is in the cake you’re about to eat. In the future, X-Spect will also be able to recommend recipes and calculate nutritional values with the help of the Home Connect app.

Home Connect

The scanner can communicate with Home Connect devices making household chores easier by helping you with decisions and supplying knowledge about food storage, nutrition and diets, laundry and machine settings. Make sure you check out the X-Spect at IFA 2017 – where it is presented for the very first time.