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Now you’re cooking – with Induction developed in Spain

BSH has been pioneering induction cooking solutions for the past 25 years. Extensive research and development has resulted in a range of cooking surfaces, which offer the user a range of different benefits.

The Benefits of Induction Cooking

The team based at our Research and Development Center, located in Montañana Spain, is responsible for developing our innovative induction cooking solutions. This team is susequently at the forefront of changing the way that our consumers cook.

José Andrés García – our Head of Research and Development for cook tops – explains, “the ceramic glass on the induction hob heats up the food through the base of the pot and only when the pot is placed on the cooking surface. This means that the rest of the cooking surface remains cold and easier to clean, minimizing the risk of burns.”

What’s more, the different zones on the cooking surface can be used to heat food at different temperature settings and, depending on the size of the cookware being used, these cooking zones can be combined to fit the desired pot or pan. Induction hobs can also boil water in half the time it takes to boil the same amount with an alternative hob, which means that induction cook tops are highly flexible and are very quick, efficient and easy to use.

How does an induction cook top work?

Underneath the ceramic glass there are induction coils instead of heating elements, these coils produce an alternating magnetic field which is powered by an electronic inverter, says José Andrés García. When a pot with a ferromagnetic base is placed on to the surface, eddy currents combined with the movement of the magnetic areas start to heat up the pot’s base.

BSH and Induction Technology

BSH began developing induction cooking technology in the late 80’s and producing cook tops in the early ‘90s but on a small scale. The innovations produced then sparked a technology race in the mid 90’s among big home appliance brands such as Panasonic in Japan, Brandt in France and Electrolux in Germany. The market, however, did not really begin to grow until we launched our integrated cook top in 1999 and began an extended marketing campaign all around Europe explaining the advantages of this new technology.


Our research has resulted in the cost efficient control of multiple inductors, allowing our consumers to position and move the pans and pots on the whole surface and use different pot sizes and shapes.

Our cook tops fitted with Flex Zones have been on the market since 2010 and have really made their mark on the premium induction market. In 2011, we launched our flagship range called Free Induction. The Free Induction hob is fitted with 48 small inductors, which means that the whole cook top can be used as one big cooking zone. Pots and pans of all sizes and shapes are automatically recognized wherever they are positioned on the surface. The positioning of the pots is then visualized on the touch screen. It doesn’t matter whether a pot is pushed to the right, left or to the back, the power setting will follow. This flexibility is the result of a honeycomb arrangement of induction coils and an intelligent electronic control unit, which ensures that the cookware gets “handed over” from one coil to the next, whenever its position changes.

The Future of Induction Cooking

Since 1990, we have launched 6 generations of induction products to the market and this year marks the sale of our 10th million cook top. Our extensive catalog of products, which encompasses more than 800 variations of cook tops across the world, across all of our brands and sold at a range of different prices, enables every consumer to find a hob that fits their needs.

In the future, we hope to continue innovating and inventing new ways for our consumers cook in their kitchens. In 2015, we expanded our Induction Technology Center, located at our site in Montañana in Spain, for this purpose. Today, around 100 development engineers are working with our advanced equipments and IT-Systems in order to further improve the flexibility of our cook tops. We also hope to connect these cook tops with our Home Connect apps so that our customers can access recipes and discover new ways to cook in their homes.

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