Posted on 08/10/2018 via BSH Home Appliances Group

Job rotation at BSH: Expand your expertise, broaden your perspectives!

It never hurts to ask. This is what Franziska Stein, Brand Manager for Gaggenau Global in Munich, did. Shortly before wrapping up a large project, she let her boss know that she would like to get to know the work of other departments within BSH - more specifically the work of the Corporate Strategy department.

Holding a Master of Science and several years of experience in Customer Relationship Management, Digital and brand management, she was ready and eager to dip into something new for a while to expand her skill set. With this expertise, her knowledge of the company and flexibility, Franziska and her manager were able to identify the right project to make the most out of these skills. For the next three months, Franziska would be working on a project within the area of Marketing in the Corporate Strategy department, allocating 80 percent of her time to this project and 20 percent to her role at Gaggenau.

Motivation and curiosity are key for a successful job rotation
Voluntarily taking on a new role requires motivation to explore this field of work. You also need to be curious about acquiring new skills and meeting new people. Being part of the project team from day one, Franziska learnt the way of working at Corporate Strategy by experiencing it first-hand and directly applying it within her new responsibility.

What is the most important aspect she learnt during her rotation? “How truly important an overall strategy is for a company”, says Franziska and continues: “With so many departments holding such valuable knowledge, it is necessary to have one team that looks into transforming this expertise into a holistic strategy. This is the daily work of the Corporate Strategy department and I am truly appreciative of having made this experience.”

Franziska can only recommend a job rotation to her colleagues:“A job rotation pushes you outside your comfort zone. This enabled me to refine certain skills, acquire new knowledge and grow personally. ”
Andreas Kuhndörfer, Head of Corporate Strategy, agrees: “Job rotation is a very effective method and we are happy that it went so well.”
Two other managers made Franziska’s rotation possible: Stefan Hösle, her immediate manager, who agreed to release her almost completely for three months and supported her in all aspects. And, of course, Sven Schnee, the brand owner who initiated and promoted the measure.