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Milestones of Success: A Look Back at some of BSH’s Greatest Innovations

One of our main goals is to make our consumer’s lives easier. Therefore, we regularly come up with all kinds of innovations. Take a look at some of our greatest ones.

The BSH-Wiki provides us with the opportunity to look back and celebrate all that BSH has accomplished so far, with many more in the making:

Our history has shown that the BSH brands have always had their finger on the pulse of technical innovation, with the goal of making everyone’s lives more productive and easier. It’s rather astonishing to see the achievements that BSH has made as technical pioneers, and in such a fast-paced world of development. Let’s take a look at ten of our greatest innovations:

Dust busters
In 1906, Siemens launched their first vacuum cleaner but marketed it as a de-dusting pump. Today, vacuum cleaners may indeed be much more compact, but after more than a hundred years of development, the basics are still the same.

Refrigerated drums
Bosch introduced the first electric refrigerator at the Leipzig spring fair in 1933. The refrigerator was round and drum-like in shape and could hold up to 60 litres. Despite the fact that the price was very competitive, it still cost nearly two months’ worth of average wages (365 RM).

The porthole portal
Engineering company Peter Pfenningsberg GmbH presented the first fully automatic washing machine to the world in 1951. This washing machine could wash up to 4.5 kilos of laundry in 75 minutes.

The arc of electric cooking
In 1952, Neff develops their revolutionary Arcus electric cooker. This attractive arc-shaped model was also technically advanced with innovative hotplates and a stainless-steel ring that prevented spills from entering into the interior.

The machine that does it all
In 1952, Bosch launched its first fully electric food processor called the ‘Neuzeit 1.’ This was a truly multi-functional device that could cut, knead dough, grate, press, and even peel potatoes!

Hanging the competition out to dry
In 1970, the SIWAMAT 450 automatic washing machine was developed with multiple wash programs and was shortly followed 2 years later by the first automatic washer-dryer in 1972.

Somewhere to vent
In 1976 Gaggenau unveils a new addition to the Vario kitchen series – the downdraft ventilation. This addition would quietly catch and bring steam, vapours, and odours into the ventilation system.

Riding the wave of success
In 1985, the microwave-combination-oven was launched, nuking cooking time immensely.

Saving space, time and water
In 1982, Bosch applied for a patent for their revolutionary AquaStop technology which offers 100% protection against water damage caused by washing machines.The technology was first introduced into the Constructa CONTURA and the Bosch SMS 9022 washing machines in 1985, and was a great success! It was fitted as standard in washing machines from 1986, even in machines produced by competitors.
Then in 1987, a trailblazing dishwasher with a width of only 45cm was introduced. Shortly after its release, the sales of this space-saving dishwasher increased rapidly.

The home and food network
In 2011, BSH develops Home Connect – connecting appliances to owners’ smartphones and tablets. A few years later, BSH ovens and dishwashers are produced with Home Connect capabilities.

From the very first electric vacuum cleaners – to self-cleaning ovens – we’ve achieved quite a lot of wonderful milestones within the tech world, over the years. Stick around and discover more as we continue to highlight past stories that have shaped us at BSH, in our ongoing series from our archives. Or travel back in time by yourself and have look at our BSH-Wiki.

  • Stefan 04/17/2018

    The "Constructa" from above isn't the 1st model produced. It was the 1st fully automatic that had it's own heating system. Fully automatic where made before, but they requyred an external hot water suplly.

  • Stefan 04/17/2018

    Sorry, above I meant 2 things: 1) That the model from the picture isn't the first automatic "Constructa" model. It's probably made around 1955-1956; 2) That before "Constructa" there where fully automatic washing machines, but they didn't had a system for water heating - external source of water heating was a must. "Constructa" solved this problem. This are some early "Constructa" 's: But I think the very first one had the brand name put on a plate that had an arch shape.

  • BSH Home Appliances 04/18/2018

    Dear Stefan, Thanks for your comments! We spoke to our colleagues and got this information: This was the first German fully automatic washing machine and the first German washing machine that didn't need an external source of water heating as you mentioned. And it was the first front loader model. More on Constructa can be found in out archive: Your BSH Home Appliances Team