Posted on 07/08/2019 via BSH Home Appliances Group

Portraits from China: Fei Du

In our China Special we ask our Chinese Colleagues questions about their work at BSH. We start this Special with Fei Du, Head of Global Electronic and Drive Systems, Greater China

What’s your name?
My name is Fei Du and my colleagues call me Rick. That’s the name I’ve used most since I began working for the Bosch Group.

What’s your background?
I was born and grew up in China, and I graduated from a Chinese university with an engineering master’s degree. I’m married with two children, both boys. One is already ten and the other is four and half years old. I joined the Bosch group in the automotive sector in 2005 after I graduated from university. I worked in the engineering area in passive safety, in other words, airbag control unit development. I started as an Electronic Hardware Engineer and then moved on through Project Leader, Group Leader for Electronic Hardware Development, and Head of the Passive Safety Engineering Department in China. My job before joining BSH was Director and Head of the Department of Passive Safety System Development in the Business Unit headquarters in Ditzingen, Germany.

What made you choose BSH?
After 2.5 years working in Ditzingen and 12 years working in Passive Safety, I got an opportunity to build and lead the Global Electronic and Drive Systems division in the Greater China region at the beginning of 2017, and I decided to take the opportunity and the challenge. The wide range of electronic products and direct contact with consumers are the two decisive factors that made me join BSH.

Please describe your role and responsibilities at BSH
At present I’m the Head of Global Electronic and Drive Systems, Greater China. I’m in charge of all electronic unit development, quality management, and series support in the Region Greater China, and I also support the rest of the Global Electronic and Drive Systems division organization’s electronic activities in China when needed. On top of that, I’m also in charge of drive system development and BLDC motor production in Nanjing. I see two missions with my role: 1) bring the latest BSH electronic and drive technologies to China, ensure that the product strategy and framework are functioning properly in China and 2) take the innovation power and market expertise from China to the Global Electronic and Drive Systems division and BSH worldwide.

What’s so special about working at BSH China?
China has very motivated employees who have both passion and technical expertise, and they’re eager to get things done and win in the market against competitors. Working with them every day gives me a lot of energy.

China has the full BSH value chain in one location, from the best component suppliers and countless technology solution providers to a huge base of well-educated engineers and the biggest market in the world. This makes it unique among the rest of the BSH locations. And on top of that, the development and production of our home appliances are located close to one another, near the plants in Chuzhou and Wuxi, and the rest are all located in Nanjing. This location advantage is a big opportunity for BSH to be more efficient than other companies.

Do you have a hobby – and if so, why are you passionate about it?
I’ve liked soccer since I was a kid. To work together with a team to win is fascinating, especially when every team member contributes their own strength and are supported by others to cover their weaknesses. I also read a lot.

What is your favorite BSH product or your favorite BSH innovation?
My favorite BSH product so far is the side-by-side refrigerator, which is equipped with a big display and supporting smart food management system. This product has won quite a few prizes in different channels, and it was the first official project when the department was established in 2017. It demonstrated how efficient and innovative we can be when we’re open-minded and embrace the technology ecosystem around us.