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Smart pans thanks to open innovation – The Innovation World Cup in Barcelona

The “Internet of Things Innovation World Cup” offered creative ideas and exciting solutions to marvel at in mid-March in Barcelona. BSH was also there as sponsor of the “Smart Building & Home Automation” category.

Our colleague Martin Gebler was in Barcelona as a jury member and was impressed with the solutions presented and the winning team in the “Smart Building & Home Automation” category:
“It’s very difficult to pick out a personal favorite – also because of the variety of the solutions submitted, from voice control for appliances and the smart pan, to new apps for operating a wide range of different connected appliances. I found our winner very exciting. The smart pan from SmartyPans in the U.S. measures the weight and temperature of the ingredients, and creates recipes in real time that can be shared, as well as offering many other services.”

But what’s the link between the Internet of Things, IoT for short, and the home appliance sector?
Mr. Gebler: “According to the Ericsson Mobility Report 2016, 16 billion devices worldwide will be connected via the Internet of Things by the end of 2021. The Internet of Things is also forecast to overtake mobile phones in terms of the number of connected devices as early as 2018. Many of these devices will be in the home. The more the connectivity of devices for daily use develops, the stronger its influence will be on one of the central rooms in our daily lives – the kitchen. BSH aims to be involved in shaping this room and enriching it with new experiences, which is why we are working on various ideas.”

Why is BSH sponsoring the IoT Innovation World Cup?
Alongside our own open innovation events, Venture Forum and Hackathon, we want to expand our network and promote innovations. Mr. Gebler adds: “We get lots of new stimulus and approaches through this form of open innovation. And perhaps there are real game changers among them, that turn the way we think about the kitchen completely on its head.”

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