Posted on 03/30/2017 via BSH Home Appliances Group

Snapshots of an Agile Company

What does “agility” mean for a company like BSH? In the next couple of weeks we will give you different examples of what “agility” means for us and how diverse the term can be. Today we will share a glimpse into the topic with you.
Stay tuned for more!

UX laboratories worldwide
BSH involves consumers in product development: In the User Experience laboratories (UX labs) in Germany, Turkey and India, consumers test if the appliances fit their needs, via eye tracking, for example. The results are taken into account directly within design and development processes.

Range hoods in Bretten
At BSH’s center of excellence for range hoods, interdisciplinary teams work together using agile methods to be innovative and consumer-centrist.

Dishwasher in India
New dishwashers that fit local needs: In India, teams worked in an agile and creative manner which enabled them to think outside the box and boost the level of creativity.

Project Center in Giengen
Serving as a co working space for more than 70 employees from different disciplines, the new project building enables agile work in Giengen (Germany).

Agile Mindset
For BSH, the term “agile mindset” means adapting quickly and flexibly to new and complex situations. This enables us to shape change and act as a true consumer-centered and innovation-oriented company.

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