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Working together for digital transition – BSH and “Digital Media Women”

Anna-Maria Woratschek, who is a Social Media monitoring analyst in the department of Global Digital Transition at BSH, talks about the cooperation with DMW.

Push digital transition and strengthen digital competences – these are the goals that both Digital Media Women and BSH, are striving for. Anna-Maria Woratschek, who is part of the global Social Media Competence Center within our company, explains the cooperation. But, before we talk to Anna-Maria, let’s take a look at the Digital Media Women – a network founded in 2010 by eight women working in the digital world. DMW works to foster career advancement opportunities by making women and their expertise more visible across all stages: conferences, management and within specialized media. The network also encourages women in their jobs and careers by providing lots of networking and training opportunities. DMW is one of the fastest growing professional digital women networks in Germany, and there are currently nine factions located in Germany.

Anna-Maria, how did the cooperation between the Digital Media Women and BSH develop?
I already knew about Digital Media Women before I started working at BSH. Since digitalization is an important topic for BSH as well, I had the idea to propose a cooperation with DMW, so that we could learn and benefit from each other.

What does the cooperation look like?
The cooperation’s goal is to constructively push digital change and to create space for diverse discussions and events, beyond BSH’s usual scope. DMW’s knowledge also provides new input. They organize panel discussions about digital topics hosted by other companies, for example Google, Payback or Valtech. BSH employees can also take part in these so-called meetups that DMW organizes on a regular basis too. The focus is always on exchange, inspiration and building networks. Guest speakers from different companies share their experiences regarding certain topics, participants then discuss what they have heard and exchange what they have learned with others. Right now, our cooperation with DMW only exists here in Germany, but we would love to expand it to other countries.

How does BSH benefit from working with DMW?
BSH benefits from the cooperation as it increases our visibility as an attractive employer since DMW is present at various important events which are dedicated to digital transformation. Moreover, current employees get the chance to explore new perspectives, extend their network and apply new knowledge in their own workspace.

Can you name one concrete example?
DMW’s last panel discussion dealt with the handling of huge quantities of digital data. Colleagues from other companies talked about their practical experiences, answered questions about data security and discussed the topics of sharing and assessing data quantities and data protection. These are topics that are relevant for every company.

What are BSH’s and DMW’s mutual goals?
We both want to create a network platform for women, strengthen their digital skills and motivate them to actively engage in digitalization. BSH also wants to push forward and improve diversity and digital transformation, both organizations want to work together to support each other in achieving those goals. We want to encourage women to work in this field and, if they already are, make them more visible. But, of course, men are welcome at all of our events, courses and discussions. Our aim is equality and inclusiveness as opposed to competition and exclusivity.

  • Shanshan.Zhao (Andrea) 02/11/2018

    IoT and Digitalization is changing our daily work and daily life tremendously with and without feeling it. Special in China, now you go out in the moring start from buying a take away breakfast or coffee, then public transportaion by texi or bus ... you don't need to carry any signle penny, cause everything is paid by your smart phone i.e. by scanning a barcode. Same like in our work, in the past we keep lot of manual work to record, collect and analysis all differenmt datas to monitoring and optimizing our process, and now all these work is easily saved by a group of smart sensers of digital connectivity, and more effective, more precisely. It's coming together with innovation, it's a great revolution of industry, but also can start from a small process improvement, of our daily life. I would like to share more insights and ideas, as an Industry I.4.0 Project leader in BSH.