Posted on 07/18/2019 via BSH Home Appliances Group

Portraits from China: Liu Yong

"I would come across BSH technicians from time to time and they were always smiling, dressed in clean overalls, and equipped with good tool kits, which really impressed me", says Liu Yong, who says this was one of the reasons he joined BSH China as a technician.

What’s your name?
Hi, my name is Yong, Liu.

What’s your background?
I was born in Fuyang, Anhui Province in April of 1977. That’s where I grew up and attended a vocational high school, where I majored in home appliance and refrigeration and completed my program in 1998. After graduation I worked with Whirlpool after-sale service, and finally joined BSH in October 2007. There are three in my family who have all settled down in Nanjing.

What made you choose BSH?
There are two main reasons why I chose BSH: First of all, the company was highly recommended by my friends. I was told that it offers employees complete training courses and competitive pay and benefits, as well as an excellent work environment. Second, when I was working for other companies, I would come across BSH technicians from time to time and they were always smiling, dressed in clean overalls, and equipped with good tool kits, which really impressed me. My tenure of nearly 12 years at BSH proves that I made a good choice.

Please describe your role and responsibilities at BSH.
I work as a technician, which involves preparing everything needed for the required service, including tools, accessories, and spare parts based on the customers’ issues. I work to ensure that our service stays on track. We stay focused on the customers’ needs and build a good relationship with them. I also have to organize the service routes properly, deliver prompt responses to customers, actively solve their problems, and offer professional suggestions depending on their needs. Our goal is to provide the best solution for each customer so that all their needs are met and they are satisfied with our high-quality service.

What’s so special about working at BSH China?
The company set up a technician promotion system so that we can always improve and challenge ourselves and take advantage of the many trainings provided by the company. This leads to very desirable outcomes: for instance, I passed the Technician B1-level exams, which showed me that my effort paid off.

Do you have a hobby – and if so, why are you passionate about it?
My hobby is cooking fancy dinners for my family on my weekly day off. As I’m always very busy with my work, it’s not that easy for me and my family to have quality family time. So I take advantage of my day off to enjoy the warmth of home. I also like to travel with my family and kids, to immerse myself in nature and relax my mind.

What’s your favorite BSH product or your favorite BSH innovation?
BSH products are always perfect either in appearance or function; for me, my favorite is the washing machine, not only because it is used so frequently but also because its controller has undergone significant change, from the original program controller to an integrated circuit then to home connect. Our washing machine perfectly illustrates the concept of“Invented for Life.” Our constant improvements to the washing machine controller provides customers with a better user experience, which is the result of the company’s continuous pursuit of innovation. Our insight into the users’ needs and our current design of the home connect products is driving BSH innovation to a new level by embodying our strategic focus on promoting the digital transformation and improving the user experience.