Posted on 07/12/2019

Portraits from China: Siya Hua

In our third interview in the China series we talked to Siya Hua, who works for Performance Controlling Region Greater China as an Expat in Munich.

What’s your name?
Siya Hua

What’s your background?
I come from Nanjing originally and I grew up and was educated there until finishing my Bachelor’s degree. Then I came to Germany and graduated with a Masters in International Business from a private university in the Ruhr area. I joined BSH China in June 2010, starting in factory controlling at Appliance Park Nanjing (BSHEA). From 2012-2013 I was an International Trainee in Controlling with rotated roles (six months in MCW, three months in Çerkezköy, five months in Berlin). From 2013 to 2017 I was responsible for project controlling at Appliance Park Nanjing. In June of 2017 I transferred to Munich again as an expat, and now work in Performance Controlling Region, and am responsible for the Region Greater China (RGC).

What made you choose BSH?
My first internship in Germany was in the Controlling department, which is actually a unique function in German companies. Due to my educational background, I chose to join a China-based German company, and have finally ended up at BSH Nanjing. We were a good match in terms of culture, understanding, and professional requirements/abilities.

Please describe your role and responsibilities at BSH.
I work in Corporate Controlling re. Performance Controlling Regions, and am responsible for the Region Greater China. As a business partner with RGC, we support the BSH board of management and the region in achieving their goals through operative measure tracking and strategic target assessment. We provide consistent and neutral business analyses that identify opportunities and risks in the Region in order to support our business success.

What’s so special about working at BSH China?
In a tremendously fast-changing business environment, the work pace at BSH China is obviously extreme. We have to make decisions quickly, think outside the box, and be competitive and innovative in the Chinese market. It requires an efficient and effective organization and colleagues who are self-motivated and act proactively.

Do you have a hobby – and if so, why are you passionate about it?
I like traveling a lot in order to experience different lives. It’s what most of my vacations and money is spent on. That’s also one of the reasons that I transferred back and forth between different locations over the past ten years – I enjoy taking on challenges and trying something new.

What’s your favorite BSH product or your favorite BSH innovation?
Actually, a lot of them. I like the “Slide & Hide” Neff Oven design. I like the nicely designed 10-kg washer-dryer on the Chinese market, though this innovation was developed long ago. I like the home connect apps and appliances implemented for the whole household.